The Best Cheap Dog Food for Sale Online

If you're on the hunt for some affordable dog food for your canine friend then you've come to the right spot. We here at Poochsy have searched far and wide to bring to you our review of the top 25 best cheap dog food options for sale online. Enjoy!

25. Cheap Dog Food for Small Dogs by Pedigree

When it comes to cheap dog food for smaller breeds, few are better than this option from Pedigree. Pedigree offers dog food full of nutritious ingredients that include roasted chicken, rice and vegetable flavors that your dog will love. Making food that is also packed with rich vitamins and proteins to help the dogs skin, and help the dog remain healthy and energetic. The smaller bites are also really easy for them to chew and aren't rough on their teeth. This is a great staple dog food for small breed dogs and comes in other flavors such as lamb and rice each targeting particular benefits to your dog. 

24. Adult Wet Dog Food for Cheap by Cesar

This wet dog food by Cesar is very popular cheap dog food but also great tasting and a favorite among pet owners. They offer a variety of flavors and gourmet-style dishes for dogs with preferred tastes to enjoy at every meal each having their own source of nutrients and vitamins for a healthy growing dog. Offered in a select style of fancy dishes, including pork tenderloin, filet mignon, and even porterhouse steak. This specially crafted food is made in either a pate style or specially cut chunks of meat. These packs of 24 easy-to use trays are super convenient and keep the food fresh to serve. 

23. Cheap Dog Food for Senior Dogs by Pedigree

Pedigree makes an excellent cheap dog food option for senior dogs. Aiming towards the smaller breeds, this dog food is guaranteed to help older dogs get exactly what they need to remain strong and healthy. The salmon provides rich antioxidants and vitamins, which is highly important in dogs much older that need to intake minerals in order to help maintain their weight and strength. An interesting quality of this food is the smaller crunchier bits, which help clean the dog's teeth in each bite. You will immediately notice a difference in your senior dog's health when feeding them a food that targets their everyday needs. 

22. Cheap Dry Adult Food for Dogs by Blue Buffalo - 30lb Bag

This fantastic cheap dog food by Blue Buffalo is highly recommended. Specifically targeting the important parts that make up a healthy dog. You will notice a difference in your dog's coat when feeding them this food on a daily basis, keeping the fur soft and shiny. This food will also provide your dog with a healthier build, helping develop strong muscles and keeping their joints flexible. Your dog will love the taste and will gain plenty of needed vitamins for an able-bodied immune system. This food is built for any size breed of dog and will ensure each one with the same nutrients needed. 

21. Cheap Wet Food for Dogs by Pedigree

Lamb and rice is a great combination for a growing puppy. This cheap dog food by Pedigree is great for providing the rich nutrients that a puppy needs during their first year of developing into a healthy dog. The lamb and rice combination targets their digestive system for pups with sensitive stomachs and helps maintain a healthy and shiny coat. You will notice minimal shedding and more softness when continuing their diet with this food. The texture of this food makes it super easy for puppies to chew and isn't harsh on their growing teeth, especially during their teething months. 

20. Cheap Healthy Dog Food by Pedigree - Dry

Pedigree offers a great nutritious dry chicken and vegetable flavored puppy food. With tiny bite sized pieces for all puppies, making it easier to chew and swallow. This cheap dog food is jam-packed with all the vitamins and nutrients that a growing puppy needs, very similar to what they absorb through their mother's milk. The cheap food is a great buy and will offer everything your puppy needs during its growing months to maintain a healthy life style. A Super affordable bag and comes in different sizes depending on your puppies diet. You can also mix this dry kibble with wet puppy food to ensure maximum nutrition and to also soften up the harder bits of food. 

19. High Protein Dog Food by Blue Wilderness

An excellent cheap dog food option for adult dogs, BLUE wilderness is a popular name brand premium dog food. They make their food in exclusive forms including a popular "wild-roll" which comes as a soft sausage style roll. The food is perfect for working breeds and is packed with fatty-acids and fiber ideal for young dogs. They provide an extensive selection of flavors including, salmon formula, a duck formula or a flatland style feast with turkey quail and duck. All natural meats to fit your dog's preferred tastes. Highly recommended if looking for high-protein type food to feed larger breeds. The price is perfect for a number of vitamins that are provided and offered to your dog. 

18. Meaty Chicken Dog Food by Pedigree

This pack of 12 cans makes for some great cheap dog food. Each can around 13oz are of good size and are a perfect portion for each meal. This food comes in a chunkier meatier texture for more of a gourmet type dinner. Chunky chicken mixed with a delicious gravy that can be combined with dry kibble that your dog will most definitely enjoy. Each can is full of real chunks of chicken and is targeted to provide a nutritious balanced diet for your adult dog. 

17. Cheap Purina Dog Food - Pro Plan Sport Performance

Pro-plan makes a cheap dog food that's ideal for all sporting breeds. Fit with ideal vitamins and minerals this food is perfect to feed dogs that live a more active lifestyle. Made with real chicken, in each bite offering everything your dog needs to keep healthy. The kibble is small and easy to chew and is packed with fats and protein fit to help your dog develop strong joints and muscles. Highly recommended for dogs that play in sports or live a more active working everyday life. This food is made to grow muscle and keep fat low, so your dog maintains a lean and strong fit body. 

16. Hearty Stews Adult Dog Food by Nutro

A good cheap dog food option to look into for your dog is NUTRO a considerable canned dog food, with great flavors your dog is bound to love. They use high-quality protein from the best meats, ideal for keeping healthy skin and a beautiful coat. This dog food is made in a hearty stew style. With flavors like meaty lamb and rice or chunky chicken and turkey. The food comes in a chunky meaty texture and is also offered in a senior version for older dogs. Its a perfect blend of canned food to mix with any NUTRO dry food, and is also offered in a variety of tasty flavors your dog will love and enjoy. 

15. Affordable Adult Dog Food by Pedigree

This 40lb bag of cheap dog food is a great buy for the price. Ideal to last you a good length of time, you won't have to buy another bag for awhile. Pedigree dog food comes in a variety of sizes. This one, in particular, is ideal for adult large breed dogs with big appetites. Made with medium sized kibble, just like all other Pedigree dog food this bag is full of healthy minerals and vitamins that are essential to your dog's needs. It also comes in two different flavors either chicken or steak. A perfect staple dog food your dog will enjoy. Also, a big money saver, purchasing the 40lb bag will guarantee you to last 10x longer. 

14. Grain Free Dog Food by Replenish Pet

Replenish offers a cheap dog food option that is ideal for all types of adult dogs in all stages of life. A no-grain formula and made with 0 preservatives this salmon, sweet potato, and pea formula food is fit to help your dog maintain a healthy and happy diet. Though offered in 3 smaller sized bags, they are great quality for the price and will insure that your dog intakes their needed vitamins. A high-light factor in this food is that it is also made with no corn, wheat or soy which is a healthier route when it comes to quality dog food. Any dog is guaranteed to enjoy this all-natural fresh salmon kibble.

13. Cheap Lamb Food for Dogs by Nutro

If you are looking for a cheap dog food option that particularly targets dogs with food sensitivities, this one is exactly what you need. With only 5 key ingredients this canned food will ensure that your dog gets every bit of vitamins they need to continue living a healthy life. Offered in 3 different flavors each one is a potato based recipe, and grain-free. Exactly what your sensitive dog needs. This food is highly recommended and is guaranteed to provide everything your dog requires in their daily diet. Healthy chunks of protein and veggies, the texture is soft and easy to chew, and each can is a perfect portion every time. 

12. Pedigree Dog Food for Adult Dogs

Made by Pedigree, this cheap dog food option is great if you want to feed your dog hearty chunks of meat and veggies for dinner, but also providing the right nutrients they need. This particular canned food comes in a variety of different meats all cut to great size and portioned perfectly to fill your dog up at dinner time. Mainly for adult dogs, the larger sized chunky meats are ideal for bigger breeds with a bigger bite. This pack of 12 13oz cans are great for the price and will provide a fulfilling meal for your dog to enjoy. You can also mix with dry food to double the flavor and give your dog a variety they'll definitely enjoy. 

11. Petite Eats Wet Food for Small Dogs by Nutro

This pack of 24 convenient containers of cheap dog food is perfect for smaller breeds. Each pack contains petite chunks of meat and are easier for smaller dogs with sensitive mouths to chew. They provide just as many nutrients to your dog with each bite. Available in a variety of flavors, dogs will enjoy the taste of chef style chicken, savory lamb and garden vegetables, turkey or signature beef and potatoes. Each flavor will provide dogs that have particular tastes the satisfaction they deserve. The tiny containers make it super easy to store, and the easy peel-back concept ensures freshness and keeps the chunky meaty dog food well preserved and good tasting each time. Mixing these meals with NUTRO dry dog food will double the flavor and provide just as many nutrients to your pup. 

10. 6 Pound Cheap Food for Dogs by Bil-Jac

If you are looking for a cheap dog food option to feed your new puppy, Bil-Jac makes a great formula for young puppies. This 6lb bag is the perfect size to start your new pet off with a nutritious diet, it offers all the same nutrients that puppies gain from their mother's milk ideal for their first year of growth. The food is bite sized and tasty for even the pickiest puppy. It's a great dog food for starters and helps with their immune system and digesting, for puppies with more sensitive stomachs. 

9. Meaty Ground Dog Food by Pedigree 

Pedigree makes a variety of cheap dog food, including different flavors of canned food. This pack comes with two types of flavors for your adult dogs. This particular dog food is made of ground meat so it's easy to consume and your canine will enjoy both flavor combinations of chicken, beef, and liver or beef, bacon, and cheese. All well balanced with the nutrients your dog needs for a healthy skin and coat. Each can is approximately 13.2oz cans, a perfect portion for each feeding time. 

8. Cheap Dry Dog Food by Replenish

Replenish makes a premium yet cheap dog food perfect for dogs of all ages. Chicken being their number 1 protein ingredient this food offers plenty of healthy resources to ensure that your dog gains the needed amount of nutrients for maintaining a balanced diet. Specifically targeting nutrient efficiency and the immune system this food contains no artificial preservatives and has no corn, wheat or soy. You can start your puppy on this dog food and you don't have to worry about switching to an adult brand, this particular dog food is for all life stages. 

7. Kibbles 'n Bits Wet Dog Food 

This variety pack of cheap dog food is favorable to some dogs. Kibbles 'n Bits make a great canned dog food multi pack with two flavors that your dog is bound to love. With real chunks of meat and veggies, this dog food will guarantee your pet is full and happy at feeding time. Also offering a numerous amount of vitamins and high-quality protein to help with growing dogs, and also to support healthy muscle growth. Made for dogs of all sizes, this food comes in: Bistro hearty cuts of beef, chicken, and vegetables in a tasty gravy and American grill burger dinner with bacon and cheese bits. 

6. Dry Food for Adult Dogs by Pedigree

For owners of large breed dogs, this cheap dog food is complete with everything a big dog needs to support their weight and size. Hearty chunks of kibble and great flavor your gentle giant will love. Ideal to promote healthy joints and muscle, your dog will gain every type of nutrient they need to help live a long and fulfilled lifestyle. This food is also available in different tasty flavors and has special larger sized kibble for big eaters. 

5. Taste of the Wild Cheap Food for Dogs

If you are looking to feed your dog food made to taste like what their wild ancestors eat, Taste of the Wild makes great cheap dog food. With unique flavors and choice of game meats, this food will provide your canine with a formula fit for their wild side. Using 5 different types of game, including bison & venison, boar, lamb, salmon, and wildfowl. The kibble is grain-free and offers a taste your dog will absolutely enjoy. Providing the right fruits and vegetables, vitamins and minerals to help keep your dog living an energetic and healthier lifestyle. 

4. Wet Puppy Food for Dogs by Nutro

A great cheap dog food option for large breed puppies is made by NUTRO, focusing on the nutrients and protein puppies need to grow. This food is made with healthy choices of meat and rice formulas. Small pieces of meat are easy for your puppy to consume and enjoy with each bite. Made with natural ingredients optimal for a puppy needing the essential vitamins to maintain a healthy growing weight. Offered in either chunky bits in gravy or a smooth paste easy to mix with dry kibble for puppies of all sizes. 

3. Dry Dog Food by Diamond Naturals 

Diamond Naturals is a premium cheap dog food. Made with no wheat, corn or soy it offers the essential levels of vitamins for dogs of any type. Available in beef, chicken or lamb this food is made to maintain adult dogs balanced diets. Fit with high protein and antioxidants well needed for dogs of all ages promotes a healthy immune system and makes sure to establish your dog with a healthy and hearty lifestyle. Made perfect for working breeds, and daily active dogs. 

2. Cheap Pedigree Food for Dogs

A low-fat cheap dog food option that's perfect for dogs needing to maintain their weight. Pedigree makes canned chicken and rice dog food perfect for dogs that gain weight easier than others. This food is made with lower fats and calories but just enough healthy nutrients to ensure your dog maintains a healthy weight at any age. In a pate texture, the food is easy to consume and has bits of rice for maximum flavor and enjoyment. A highly recommended dog food for those pets that are less active than others, and tend to gain weight at a much quicker rate. 

1. Canned Adult Wet Food by Nutro

If you want to feed your dog food just as tasty as a home cooked meal, this cheap dog food by NUTRO makes great flavored canned dog food. With no artificial preservatives, all of the ingredients are natural and packed with flavor your dog will love. Each comes in a variety of home-cooked style meals, including slow cooked chicken and oatmeal, steamed fish and rustic chicken and vegetables all soaked in delicious gravy and juices your dog will appreciate. These Kitchen style meals are a treat and will be enjoyed by your pooch while also gaining the needed vitamins for everyday health and happiness.

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