Top 30 Best Low Sodium Dog Food Products

When it comes to low sodium dog food for your furry one, the choices can seem quite endless. It's with this in mind that we've found and reviewed the top 30 best low sodium dog food brands and products from around the web. We hope you enjoy our list as much as we enjoyed creating in! 

30.  Real Food Low Sodium Liver Dog Food from Complete Natural Nutrition - $20.99

Complete dog food is a leading low sodium dog food for a number of reasons. What are these reasons? First of all, it is a dog food product that is made from pure chicken breast, and that is ideal to feed both dogs and cats of all ages. It also contains lots of natural ingredients and these ingredients are freeze-dried meat treats. It has no artificial ingredients at all and is low in sodium. 

29. Low Sodium Dry Food for Dogs - Royal Canin - $88.32

Royal Canine dog food is another fine low sodium dog food that is outstanding on its own. It is a dog food that is great for weight management and contains an assortment of balanced nutrients that are in the dog food to make sure that your dog gets the necessary essential vitamins and minerals that it does need. It is every inch a low-calorie formula that has plenty of fiber in it. The fiber is good for making your dog feel full after each meal and for keeping his digestive system clean. 

28. 28oz Low Sodium Canine Caviar Pet Food - $25.69

Canine Pet Food is an excellent source of food for dogs. What makes this dog food amazing is this. It is a dog food that does contain dehydrated Buffalo Lung in it. It also has other amazing ingredients such as buffalo liver and lung as well. Buffalo meat is low in sodium, fat, and also calories. It is also all natural and contains nothing artificial too. 

27. Low Sodium Dog Treats from Greenies Pill Pockets - $39.95

GREENIES Flavor Treats are every inch high quality and top of the line dog treats. They are made with a delicious chicken flavor that is all its own. What is great about these premium treats is clear and that is that they can totally mask the smell of capsules and any liquid medication that dogs may have to take along with their food. They are also the number one vet-recommended way to give dogs their medicine without them even knowing it. They are also a low fat and low sodium alternative to human food for dogs as well. 

26. 50 Piece Buffalo Braided Dog Treats by Canine Caviar - $89.57

Canine Buffalo Dog Treats are another form of Buffalo treat that dogs will love. Why is that? The answer is clear. Canine Dog Treats are made with great taste and like in mind for all dogs. If your dog loves to eat wonderfully tasting dog treats, these are it for sure, and why is evident. They are made from dehydrated buffalo intestine and they are low in fat, sodium, and also calories. What makes them the ideal dog snack is more than clear. They are every inch natural and good for your dog's teeth. They reduce the presence of plaque and tartar. 

25. 13oz Low Sodium Canned Dog Food from Dave's Premium - Pack of 12 - $45.49

Dave's Turkey dog food is an awesome and inexpensive alternative food to a raw diet for dogs. It is a leading low sodium canned dog food brand for a number of reasons. What makes this dog food great is clear and that is its 95% premium grade turkey content. It is also formulated to meet the nutritional levels belonging to the AAFCO. The AAFCO does maintain dog food nutrient profiles and they are all about adult maintenance. Dave's Dog Food is an all healthy, natural, and great for dogs with diabetes, overweight issues, and more. It is a low sodium canned dog food that prides itself on being all good and natural in every way. 

24. Hepatic Dry Dog Food by Royal Canin - 7.7lb Bag - $53.07

Royal Canin dog food is everything that a top of the line dog food should be and is in essence. Why is that? The answer is clear. It is because it a very healthy dog food that has a lower level of sodium in it and that is good to help lower a dog's blood pressure. There is also boosted zinc and lowered copper to help lesson the presence of metal buildup in a dog's liver. It is a special low sodium food for dogs that your dog is assured to love more and more each time you feed him or her. Royal Canin does make some awesome low sodium dog food that is ideal for the health and life of every dog.

23. Walker's Shortbread Dog Treats - 3.9oz - $5.29

Walkers Scotties are indeed awesome cookie treats. They are made with sweet chocolate, wheat flour, butter, and sugar. They are very inch wonderful cookies for one reason and that reason is they are simple. There isn't anything fancy about these cookies. However, they make delightful treats and are cookies that adapt well to various uses for them. What does this mean? It means that you can have them for tea time or party time or anytime. They are ideal for any occasion and have a delicious taste all their own. Memo: This is a human food, not dog food.

22. Soft Chew Healthy Dog Treats - $14.99

Pet Vitamin Co soft chew healthy treats are indeed something that is healthy for your dogs. It has a soft molded form that can be used to cover pills and other medication that pets have to take for their health. What these soft molds do is to provide great flavor and shield the taste of any medications that they have wrapped around and are concealing from the dog. They are a low sodium dog food that isn't really a dog food. They are more like dog chews and treats overall.

21. Pet Safe Natural Food with Low Sodium Dog Treats - $15.87

Fruitables Natural Topper Low Sodium dog food is truly a good dog food choice for the obvious. What is the obvious? The answer is in the ingredients that Fruitables does contain for sure. What this low sodium dog food is loaded up with are nothing but good and natural things for your pet. Your dog will definitely fall in love with all of the yummy things. Some of these yummies do include veggie broth. The veggie broth turns boring dog food into something culinary and fully supports digestion/hydration.

20. Diet Prescription Canine Treats by Hill's - $17.99

Hill's Canine Treats are almost like having low sodium dog food around without necessarily being actual low sodium dog food. Why is that? Because, to be honest, they are tasty dog treats that any dog would love to enjoy and eat regularly. These special canine treats are every inch delicious and healthy. They aren't just low in sodium, but also protein, calories, and phosphorous. They are high in fiber.

19. 12oz Cans (12 Pack)  of Hill's Prescription Canned Dog Food - $65.99

Hill's canned dog food is one of the best on the market for a number of reasons. First of all, Hill's is a premium grade low sodium dog food, and it is designed with good health intentions in mind. Why is that? The answer is clear. It is a leading dog food that many pet parents can trust and that isn't just because of the brand itself either. Hill's is made to be good in every way for dogs. It isn't just a top low sodium dog food to give to pets that have health issues. It is a low sodium canned dog food that has the special clinical nutrition that supports dog's kidney function. Dogs can also benefit from this formula for better mobility and improve cognitive alertness and vitality.

18. Brave Beagle Chicken Dog Treats - Low Sodium - $24.99

Chicken Dog Treat Snacks are every inch a special treat for dogs. They could almost be as good as, a source of low sodium dog food is, and why that is so is this. They are a form of low sodium dry dog food topper that has an amazing taste and are crunchy. It is a healthy treat that is made with a simple recipe. The simple recipe is no other than dehydrated best American dried chicken liver. It contains no sodium, preservatives, no filler, and no hormones.

17. Dental Treats for Dogs - $7.14

FELINE GREENIES treats for dogs are the only cat treat to have on hand to give to your cats. Why is that? The answer is clear. FELINE GREENIES are something that is great to clean your dog's teeth in a good and healthy kind of way. These GREENIES aren't only chicken flavored. They are also the only cat treat that has gotten the Seal of Acceptance from The Veterinary Oral Health Council for tartar reduction.

16. 10 Pack of Wildcatch Salmon Treats for Dogs - $119.99

Wildcatch Salmon Bites is a low sodium dog food that is all natural and does contain organic ingredients. It is also a low sodium dry dog food that gets it right and getting it right for your dog's eating habits in a healthy way is indeed all good. It's also gluten free, wheat free, yeast free, and has low carbs as well. It has beef trimmings, brown rice flour, sea salt, and other things excellent. 

15. Fruitables Pet Safe Broth Bowls - Natural Chicken - $13.88

The Fruitables Broth Natural Chicken Food Topper is another great choice for dog food. Why is that? It is because Fruitables goes all out to make sure that they perfectly complement your dog's everyday meal for every day. Fruitables has the rich, as well as, savory flavor of home-made stock in it. It is a low sodium dog food that is ideal for all diets and thoroughly does support hydration and digestion. It's a low sodium dry dog food of the very best kind on the market.

14. 8lb Royal Canin Dry Dog Food for Satiety Support - $41.01

Royal Canin Support Dry Dog Food is an exceptional form of low sodium dog food. Why is that? The answer is this. Royal Canin has a low-calorie formula and does have fiber in it. The fiber is what makes your dog feel full right after every meal. It also is the thing that helps to keep the digestive system clean as well. A dog gets all the necessary nutrition that they need to lose weight properly.

13. 27lb Bag of Zignature Dog Food - $78.33

Zignature Dog Food is a specialty low sodium dog food. What does this mean? It means what it means. Zignature contains whitefish in it. Whitefish is a low sodium and high protein source of food. What this fine low sodium dog food does have is powerful anti-oxidants, low glycemic carbohydrates that are rich in fiber, and rich in Omega-3 fatty acids. 

12. Fat-Free Dog Treats - $18

K9 Healthy dog treats is a totally natural and healthy dog treat that dogs will love. Why is that? It is because K9 Healthy is indeed about all about natural and healthy in the description. These fine and high-quality dog treats are like a low sodium dog food. They are dog snacks that do promote healthy canine weight and a dog gets the snack that they so love to get for themselves. K9 is fat-free and encourage dog owners to reward their dogs while they are getting slim.

11. Pet Safe Dog Treats by Fruitables - $6.59

Fruitables natural food topper is a top of the line low sodium dog food. It is the perfect complement to a dog's meal It contains the flavor of home-made stock that is every inch hearty, rich, and savory. If you want boring dog food to be transformed into something that is almost like eating a culinary meal. You do need to try Fruitables for your dog.

10. Cheap Low Sodium Dog Treats by A.C. Kerman - $2.94

Complete Natural Smokey Beef is a dog treat that is great for training. It is every inch ideal for both dogs and cats. What makes it stand out is one thing and that thing is a low sodium dog food treat that any pet would truly appreciate just because it tastes so good. Outdoor pet owners will appreciate the fact that their pups will love the tasty taste of this 4 calories per piece beef wonder.

9. Fruitbles Natural Food Broth Bowls - Variety Pack - $14.48

Fruitables Broth Bowls Topper dog food is a special low sodium dog food that hits home. What does this mean? It means that it is pet safe, has no onions, garlic, leek, or MSG. Besides this, it is ultra low sodium in content, and that is truly an important thing for a low sodium dog food to have from the get-go. Fruitables is a whole lot like low sodium canned dog food is in taste and healthy ingredients. Any low sodium dog food should be all natural and all good. Fruitables is this and then some.

8. Dry Dog Food for Healthy Kidneys - Purina - $31.46

Veterinary Diets dry dog food is a leading low sodium dog food choice. Why is that? It is because this low sodium dog food is all natural and has a wonderful taste. It is a special low sodium dog food that is very balanced and does cater to the normal function of your pet's renal system. The focus is on the healthy function of the urinary tract with this dog food product.

7. Dog Food for Urinary Tract Health - Hill's - $65.99

Hill's Prescription Diet dog food is just the right food prescription for your dog. It isn't just about the popular brand name either. Hill's is a leading low sodium dog food product for all the right reasons. It contains reduced levels of phosphorous, protein, and magnesium for helping to limit the buildup of any blocks of crystals or kidney stones. However, the most outstanding feature of this low sodium dog food is clear, and that is to help maintain low blood pressure as well.

6. Healthy Heart Dog Food by Royal Canin - 7lb - $62.99

Royal Canin dog food is just as good as low sodium canned dog food is. Why is that? It is because Royal Canin Cardiac Dry dog food has nutrients in it that promote excellent cardiac health. It also has Omega 3-fatty acids that prevent the presence of tissue inflammation from happening in your pet. It is a low sodium dog food that gets it right and getting it right makes all the difference to your beloved pet in every way.

5. Dry Dog Food for Healthy Hearts - $79.16

There are many low sodium dog food choices out there on the market. However, none of them, can compare to Hill's Prescription Diet dog food. Hill's dog food contains a special low level of sodium that is all about promoting excellent health and balance from a normal blood pressure and cardiac muscle metabolism for pets. Hill's also has high levels of taurine and L-Carnitine to give your dog all of the healthy aspects that should come from all natural nutrients in a low sodium dog food.

4. 12 Pack of 13oz Low Sodium Dog Food for Heart Strength - $79.99

Hill's Diet Canine low sodium canned dog food is a low sodium canned dog food that does its job. It is far more than just a healthy dog food to give to your pet. Hill's does contain a low level of sodium that helps keep blood pressure normal. It also has increased B-vitamins and magnesium to aid in replenishing nutrients after receiving any diuretics.

3. Organic Grain Dog Food - Chicken - Dehydrated - $58.79

Honest Kitchen dog food is comprised of all things natural and good. It is a dog food that has organic whole grain in it, along with, a free range chicken recipe that is perfectly designed for puppies and adult dogs in mind. It doesn't matter what the breed of your dog is, or even the size of your dog, this low sodium dog food is all natural and made in the USA.

2. Lamb Dog Food by Natural Balance - $49.49

Natural Balance dry dog food is all about natural balance in definition and delivery. What does this mean? It means what it means. Natural Balance is able to lessen the overall number of ingredients that pet dogs are exposed to usually on the average. It is a leading dry dog food that is able to do many things from a health angle and one is to maintain great digestive health for pets. It doesn't contain anything artificial either, this includes flavors, colors, and preservatives. 

1. Low Sodium Dry Dog for Small Dogs - $12.29

Hill's Science Dry dog food is designed for small and toy breed dogs in mind. What makes this dry dog food special is clear and that is its premium dog food quality. Hill's goes all out, in order to ensure that small breeds of dogs, and toy breeds do have the essential balanced nutrition that is possible for dogs that are under 25 pounds in weight. It has clinically proven antioxidant benefits along with Vitamin E and C.

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