The Best Tactical Dog Gear Products for Sale Online

If you're training your dog for military-level activities then our guide to the best tactical dog gear products online should be of assistance to you. From tactical dog harnesses to tactical dog vests and patches, we've found the top 25 best tactical dog gear around. Enjoy! 

25. Molle Whippy Tactical Dog Vest 

When it comes to tactical dog gear, nothing quite says "woof" like this dog vest. It comes in three detached pouch sizes. Plus, its both lightweight and easily adjustable; you can carry this thing around wherever you want, whenever you want. In fact, try it on for yourself and see. Your dog will move around seamlessly in this material.

24. K9 Tactical Harness for Dogs

Military tactical dog gear says it all with this lightweight and breathable, premium-quality piece made from a top brand. Its Molle Compatible and may be used on nearly any dog, be it a service dog, an FBI K9 or even commercial dog in training. Just like product 25, this one is fully customizable and ready for action when you need it. Your dog will fall in love with the quality material once more.

23. Best Tactical Training Dog Gear - Molle Vest

You can get this military tactical dog gear in either small, medium or large - and all for the same low price of $59.99. Tactical dog gear at its finest right here - it even comes with a Velcro panel made of unique patch furniture with an interior design that includes inner mesh ventilation and additional comfort storage. Plus, many pouches included will offer plenty of space for keeping all those essential items. Think about it: Pouches, bottles and even food or snacks need a place to go sometimes.

22. Nylon Tactical Dog Gear - Vest Harness

This military tactical dog gear uniform is the best of its kind. With 9 unique color selections, all in size 5, you can't go wrong. Also, a tool pouch, a FAK and a magazine pouch come included. Two carry handles, one in the front and the other in the back, make this a must-have. 1000d nylon of full water resistance, this piece will serve as a top choice in tactical dog gear choices for years to come; at the very least, your dog will love it and feel the difference right away. 

21. Military Grade Tactical Dog Gear

This military tactical dog gear is made only of the best material: It includes its own 1050D nylon fabric and webbing. The new design speaks "modern tactical dog gear at its best". You may not be able to see this phrase inscribed on the product, but you can undoubtedly note the level of care and quality that carry it throughout its lifelong use. You can use and re-use - and even re-re-use - this product without any issues. Your dog will love it as well, keeping it on. 

20. Black Tactical Canine Vest

Military tactical dog gear by Tenkey also comes with Velcro paneling and patch furniture. What you may not know, however, is this: This item comes with its own on-and-off snap buckles that are built-in on each shoulder. Any dog with shoulder-to-back leg lengths of 11.25 to 21.25 inches should fit in just fine, considering the dog's width is also between 10.625 and 18.125 inches. Did you know that the grid line designing alone, on this one, is enough to keep anyone in awe? It has a special way of increasing breathability.

19. Tactical Dog ID and Collar

This black metal buckle tactical dog gear belt is perfect. It not only says "military tactical dog gear" from its very onset but also spells "tactical dog gear for everyday use". This police or military collar is of Mil Spec Webbing and perfectly holds 1.5 by 6 inch ID badges on most K9s. This beautiful product is a Coyote Brown color and is also made of the best quality of adjustable nylon fabric; it'll stretch, but it won't tear. That would take a miracle. This tactical dog gear product has stood the test of time, making it a top choice.

18. Heavy Duty Tactical Dog Collar for Military Dogs

Military tactical dog gear, military tactical dog gear, military tactical dog gear - what else says this so perfectly? Ah, yes, have you heard of the Simways dog collar of heavy-duty nylon webbing and 1000D overall capability? If not, then you're in for a treat - for tactical dog gear would not be the same without it. Yes, this piece offers a special bear-pulling force of 1000N, which is more than highly suitable for any small, medium or large dog in turn. Tactical dog gear - meet your maker.

17. Camouflage Tactical Dog Gear for Military Training Dogs

For stretchable tactical dog gear that delivers, you also have this one-of-a-kind Tenkey product. Once again, the Velcro paneling goes all the way down the back of the neatly patched furniture material and does not leave a mark. Plus, it's suitable for all types of activities - everything from a simple walk in the park to action with the boys in blue: This one is made for everything. Walking, hiking or training - this tactical dog gear is convenient, practical and cross-functional. What's not to like?

16. Strenco Tactical Training Gear for Dogs - Vest Harness

You may find this tactical dog gear vest product in small, medium, large and even extra large sizes - dependent, of course, on the supplier's stock and demand at the time of purchase. This vest comes in more than 10 colors as well, giving you far more to choose from. Try basing your chosen color and the dog's personality and what moods you wish for it to be in; you'll be surprised. It comes in black, brown, green, camo and more - with options to purchase either with or without an attachable leash. 

15. Heavy Duty Military Grade Tactical Dog Collar

Commercial Velcro with fine stitching and patented Austri Alpin COBRA quick-release buckling say it all in this fine piece of tactical dog gear. Plus, with Mil Spec Nylon Webbing, along with 1.5 by 6.5-inch badge holding, it's a no-brainer. It's easy to see why this one's a favorite among law enforcement personnel everywhere. Most new purchase of this product also comes with free shipping, as listed by most online providers: How cool is that? This just kills two birds with a stone. Its price is low: a mere $53.95.

14. Heavy Duty Army Dog Gear - Collars in Camouflage Colors

Tactical dog gear is simply not tactical dog gear without the much-loved heavy-duty collar from FDC. It comes in six special colors that you will not find anywhere else: Black, Camouflage Tan, Kryptek Black, Coyote Desert Tan, Military Brown and even Military Green. Did you know that it delivers in nearly two to four days and also considers itself a nearly unbreakable collar? 

13. Tactical Service Dog Harness

Tactical dog gear by Red Line K9 is often held as some of the best. With this Red Line product, it's no less true: With flexible harness girth sizes that offer more than most others do, it's easy to see why this product proudly stands among the best.
Small, medium and large harness girth sizes are available. Small extends from 23 to 28 inches while medium shoots from 29 to 33 and large envelops 32 through 40. Additionally, this one is easy to label and mark with, say, "K9 Unit" all around; the options and mixed possibilities are limitless.

12. Best Tactical Dog Gear Collars

For a military dog gear collar that's just as unbreakable as it is comfortable, you need to look no further than right here: This heavy-duty, 1/5 inch. plastic buckle comes in small, medium or large selections and even offers seven bright and attractive colors to choose from. Hopefully, when people see this collar around your dog, they will know that you mean business. Choose from Black, Camouflage Tan, Kryptek Brown or Black, Coyote Desert Tan, Brown or Black Premium or Military Green.

11. Medical First Aid Utility Pouch for Dogs - Assorted Colors

Speaking of tactical dog gear, have you tried the ArcEnCiel Tactical yet? If not, then why not? It's easy to attach and detach; it's simple to use. It's convenient for all uses, occasions and weather alike. Multi-tight, elastic straps - along with a spacious pocket for those vital first aid supplies - make this one an obvious choice for either a rookie or a seasoned user. 

Top praises of the product, mostly by public standing, highly regard its quality pouches and their level of protection. Items left inside are well secured, so there should be no fear of what may happen should a juice bottle spill. That's always a plus, especially considering the fact that these dogs are easily aroused.

10. Tactical Dog Gear "In Training" Patch

It's a great time for tactical dog gear of double-sided fastener backing proportions. In fact, it's a great time for this product. It fits in harnesses for those medium or big dogs of yours and allows for plenty of stretchable sizing as well. Choose from three color designs. More than 90 percent of anonymous review customers note full satisfaction with the product and would choose it again if they had to, a true testimony to its brand value and reputation as well.

9. Military Dog Harness for Tactical Training

Let's be perfectly honest: There's no tactical dog gear quite like Darkyazi tactical dog gear. Unless you've tried a Darkyazi tactical dog gear product, you, my friend, have not seen the best that this life has to offer. Seriously, though, this Darkyazi tactical dog gear product is one of its kind as it echoes a quality-made dog harness to protect your dog from most injuries.

8. K9 Dog Collar for Military Dogs

A black metal buckle, heavy-duty nylon, commercial Velcro - tell me what's not to like. This one has all the essentials. Plus, it stands at the top of the list in Top 10 Choices for Law Enforcement Tactical Dog Gear Products - enough has been said.

7. "Do Not Pet" Dog Patch

This "Do Not Pet" dog patch is incredibly easy to put on. In fact, this is the very name that many past customers have given it, thereby increasing its overall reputation and statement validity. This product promotes itself, and it sure sells!

6. Tactical Training Vest for Dogs

Simply touch this one, and feel it all around: You will know what is implied. The product is spacious, durable, and smooth overall. This tactical dog gear is also friendly for all fur types.

5. American Flag Patch and Tactical Dog Training Molle Vest 

For a tactical dog gear that offers four points of quick release adjustment, along with spacious accommodation space for bottles, clips, magazine holders and more - this is what you want. Check it out. An elastic bungee is included. 

It's both easy to put on and to take off and is also suitable for daily walking. Its padded chest and belly strap come with high an impact-plastic buckle for more comfortable fits, so forget the old Slip and Rub annoyances: Those are a thing of the past with this product. A metal V-ring on the top allows for a quick leash attachment. Your top handle serves for controlling the dog both closer and easier. The built-in elastic bungee on the top is made for entertaining extra gear, like bottles and clothes.

4. Skull Patch and Dog Harness for Tactical Training

A MOLLE label on each side of the harness allows for the use of all Molle pouches that are attached to magazine pouches, bottles, food, snacks and more. A Velcro panel lined down the back is, once more, for any patch furniture your dog might feel. Grid design lining for extra breathability is not left out of the mix either. Soft pad inserts on the collar prevent chafing on the dog's neck. Most similar products cannot proudly boast of including this feature.

Wait. That's not all. Two carry handles are especially attached to the front and back by the harness and include two attachment points for any leash to connect with.
Two sizes are available, so please measure the dog beforehand to ensure that the vest fits before placing the order.

3. Tactical Dog Gear - Training Harness and Dog Vest

Two-Handle Design: Two carry handles are attached to the front and back harness, once again, for your dog’s full lead and control. Top hook and loop panels run down entire lengths of the vest for one to easily attach those much-needed moral patches or dog patches. The back length begins measuring from approximately an inch behind the spot where the dog's collar rides - and stops slightly before the base of the animal's tail. The width is the chest girth measured. A Mullins Fiest that weighs 35 pounds, for instance, and is a perfect fit in the medium size.

Back Length 28.5cm and Width 27cm, Weight 0.6lb

Back Length 33.5cm, Width 30cm, Weight 0.9lb

Back Length 415 cm, Width 35cm, Weight 1.2lb

Back Length 49cm, Width 40 cm, Weight 1.6lb
Back Length 54cm, Width 46cm, Weight 1.8lb

2. Tactical Dog Molle Vest Harness for Military Dogs in Training

Did you know that this One Tigris vest and harness comes with three detachable pouches for carrying different daily items? Did you also know that its harness can not only be added onto the vest but also onto other tactical gear? With Molle on both sides, for attaching numerous accessories, like magazine pouches, water bottles, and snacks, this one makes the top of the list once more.

Adjustable webbing for wearing stability, in addition to hook and loop panels for unique patch furniture, make this mesh-design insider a better comfort and ventilation
provider overall. There are three sizes to choose from. It fits dog back lengths of 41 to 54 cm, so please check each size before ordering.

1. OneTigris Tactical Dog Harness

Strong Material: It's made of two layers of water-repellent, 1000D nylon fabric and a soft-padded lining for every dog's comfort.
Exquisite Craft: All seams are both bound and reinforced for that added strength and durability. Unique Style: With sturdy handles at the harness's top, along with hoop & loop fields on both sides, patches on the harness have never been easier to handle.
Adjustable strap: The front chest's strap has two slides that each serve two-way adjustments to better fit the dog and it suite its comfort levels.
Please measure the dog to properly select an appropriate size before ordering.

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