Top 25 Best Designer Dog Carriers of 2017

Looking for the best designer dog carriers for sale online? If so, we here at Poochsy have found the top 25 most fashionable designer dog carriers around. From Midlee's leather dog carrier to plaid and polka dot dog carriers, we've found the best of the best! 

25. Best Designer Dog Carriers by Betop

This bag is one of the best designer dog carriers out there. It’s stylish, practical, and made from a synthetic leather that will keep its shape even after long-term use. It looks like a real designer bag and is machine washable. There are two sizes so dogs of all kind will have plenty of room to move around. The mesh windows that are located on each side of the bag are wide enough for a dog to take in the sights while staying cool. The carrier also features a padded shoulder strap that can be adjusted to your comfort level. 

24. White Faux Leather Designer Dog Carrier 

These designer dog carriers come in a stylish, quilted pattern that is complimented by sturdy, silver zippers. The bags are made of patent-leather so it is easy to keep clean even though the bag itself is white. Unlike other designer dog carriers, these bags come with removable comfort pads that you can insert into the bottom of the bag for some added cushioning. These dog carriers also have quilted fabric flaps on both meshes, side panels that can be lowered to block out light when your pup wants to grab a nap. The mesh windows also provide air flow and ventilation that will keep your pet cool during your travels. 

23. Fashionable Yacht Dog Carrier

This large, cloth bag is perfect for a summer day on the town. It has large, blue and white stripes that give it a distinctly nautical feel. This cheap designer dog carrier
has many of the features of the more expensive bags on this list. The wide, over-the-shoulder straps remain comfortable even after all day use. There are two, side pockets that have snap button closures. The dog carrier also has a built in leash holder so you can easily clip in your dog and store his or her leash securely. 

22. Luxury Small Dog Designer Carrier by WOpet

This type of designer dog carriers is perfect for those who like to walk your dog in style. Shaped like a rounded handbag, this dog carrier is made of imitation leather which means it is durable and eco-friendly. The bag will not loose its shape over time or after multiple washings. The soft, secure interior and large, mesh windows will make any dog or cat happy. The bag itself is lightweight and TSA certified for use in airline travel. 

21. Deluxe Black Designer Pet Carrier by Sherpa

These large, black designer dog carriers are sturdy and great for long distance travel with your pet. While this bag seems large, it still meets all commercial airline size and shape standards. The dog carriers come with both side and top entrances to accommodate dogs of all shapes, sizes, and inclinations. The mesh panels offer plenty of soothing air flow and include locks to keep your pet secure. The bags also feature a no-slip shoulder pad that keeps the strap in place while you travel. These dog carriers come in three sizes and are available in four colors. 

20. Black Faux Leather Designer Doggy Carrier

While this is not a cheap designer dog carrier, your money goes a long way in the way of comfort for you and your dog. When it comes to traveling, this bag is like a purse and dog carrier in one. This black, faux leather bag is lined with a satin, waterproof material for easy clean up of any accidents. The two side pockets are roomy enough for your dog’s treats and your iPAD. This brand of designer dog carriers is even approved for use on all airline carriers. 

19. Luxury Dog Travel Carrier by Sherpa

These designer dog carriers are an ideal choice for those traveling on a budget. The bag is made of a soft, flexible fabric that can be easily folded down for storage. The official dog carrier for Delta Airlines, these dog carriers are made of a patented spring wire frame that can be easily lowered to fit under an airline seat. Once in the car, you can use the built-in seat belt to safely secure your pet. It even comes with a Delta luggage tag for your convenience. The carrier also features a side pocket large enough to fit all your pet’s things.

18. Airline Approved Dog Carrier by Pet Life

Of the designer dog carriers on this list, this bag is one of the smallest, coming in at only 14 inches long. If you have a small dog or cat, you can put them in this carrier through the top or side entrances. The bag features both over-the-shoulder and hand bag straps and a built in leash holder for added comfort and convenience. Coming in either black or brown, this brand of designer dog carriers features a large, quilted front pocket that is just big enough to fit your smartphone. 

17. Pink Faux Crocodile Texture Dog Carrier by Anima

None of the other designer dog carriers are as bright as this pink, faux crocodile carrier. It is also has many convenient features that make both local and airline travel a breeze. The bag has both a shoulder strap and side handles as well as a leash clip on the inside. The side pockets are large and unzip fully to allow easy access for your pet or for you to slip him or her some treats. Finally, this carrier comes with a smaller matching bag for your phone, cash, or keys.

16. Designer Puppy Carrier by Teafco- Airline Approved

This bag is one of the designer dog carriers that perfectly marries function and style. The bright, light blue color makes this sturdy carrier a wonderful addition to any fashionistas wardrobe, and its sturdy build means you will be using these carriers on many of your trips to come. This carrier is so lightweight that it only weighs 2 pounds. This sporty dog carrier features 5 external, zippered pockets as well as a rear pocket for ultimate organization. You will be sure to remember everything with this bag. Traveling with your pet will be just as easy with this bag as it is airline approved and meets all TSA size requirements.

15. Brown Leather Designer Dog Carriers by Midlee

This carrier comes in as one of the best designer dog carriers on this list. It is made of 100% leather that is a rich, chestnut color. This brand of designer dog carriers comes with two large, front pockets that will easily house your phone, keys, and wallet as well as your dog’s treats and leash. Both pockets are decorated with brass buckles that are both chic and functional. The 12 inch long handles can effortlessly switch between your shoulder and your side. The interior features a collar clip to keep your pet secure and a removable bottom pad to ensure efficient clean up of any accidents. 

14. Small Dog Backpack Carrier for Travel

This light gray colored dog carrier is different from the other designer dog carriers that you normally see. Instead of being shaped like a purse or a sports bag, this carrier is a backpack. The shoulder straps are padded and adjustable to fit your physical needs. The bag also has a waist strap to ensure that you and your pet are both traveling in comfort and security. The front of the backpack is made of mesh and forms a windshield for your dog or cat to look out of. Your pet will also receive ample air flow, light, and stimulation from the large window. To top it off, the dog carrier includes four external pockets located at the sides and front of the bag to fulfill any storage needs. 

13. Stylish Dog Carrier for Small Dogs

This is another of the designer dog carriers styled with a modern, quilted pattern. This time the bag comes in a matte black that has shiny, black embellishments around its edges. This dog carrier is sure to match your sleek, nighttime look. This dog carrier features a roomy, side pocket as well as a mesh, side entrance for your pet. The carrier also has a built-in sun roof that provides light and warmth and is completely adjustable to suit your pets wants and needs. 

12. Stylish Designer Dog Carriers by Vanderpump Pets - Black Leather 

This dog carrier is one of the best designer dog carriers out there. The bag is a unique duffle shape and comes in black matte or red. Made by Lisa Vanderpump, of The Real Housewives fame, this dog carrier is made from leatherette which is a durable material not made from animals or animal byproducts. It is approved for airline travel and features large, mesh top and side entrances. Your purchase will not only get you an awesome dog carrier but also contribute positively to animal welfare worldwide. Proceeds from your purchase of Vanderpump’s line of designer dog carriers support the rescue and treatment of stray dogs in China. 

11. Lilac Dog Carrier by Petote

This light purple dog carrier is one of the pricier designer dog carriers on this list. Unlike a cheap designer dog carrier, this bag comes in three sizes to accommodate dogs up to 15 pounds. Made in the USA, this carrier has ample storage space in the form of two front pockets and a zippered pocket in the back. The bag features adjustable safety straps on the inside to keep your pet safe during your travels as well as roll-up side windows that can easily be adjusted to provide ventilation or privacy to your pet. The bag is also approved for use on all airlines. 

10. Western Style Dog Carrier by Backbone

This brand of designer dog carriers is full of personality. The western style bags are made from top quality faux, brown and white leather and feature brass embellishments and even some tassels. Additionally, these dog carriers come with multiple pockets and built-in security leashes for convenience and security. On the smaller size, these dog carriers are only 8.5 inches long. It is no surprise then that these bags’ size and shape are compact enough to fit under an airline seat. 

9. Designer Dog Tote by Marshall Pet Products

Of the designer dog carriers on this list, this bag is one of the smallest. It is best suited for small, lightweight dogs or puppies. It is made from a tan, suede cloth and three large mesh windows that take up a majority of the bag’s surface area. Your dog will have ample air ventilation, sunlight, and interesting views to occupy him or herself. The three, large zippered entrances also provide quick access to your dog. This cheap designer dog carrier also features a removable bottom that can be easily cleaned and replaced. 

8. Designer Dog Carrier with Wheels by Sherpa

This Sherpa brand dog carrier is one of the best designer dog carriers on this list. Its easy-glide, swivel wheels and padded straps and handles will ensure you and your dog have a smooth and comfortable trip. The bag features top and side mesh entrances that included locks on the zippers for added security. The mesh windows also come with roll-up flaps that can be quickly lowered to give your dog added privacy and seclusion. This carrier is made with a patented, spring wire frame that allows it to fit under an airline seat without losing its shape. In fact, these designer dog carriers are a member of the Guaranteed On-Board program that guarantees the bags are compliant with all airline size and shape requirements. Finally, the dog carrier comes with a green “Pet on Board” sign that lets other passengers know what to expect. 

7. Fashionable Dog Carrier by Gollyking

Of all the designer dog carriers on this list, these bags come in the widest variety of colors. It also has the most pockets. There are two zippered, side pockets and three front pockets that rely on snap button closures. The inside has a leash attachment so you can keep your dog safe and secure while you are traveling. Finally, this cheap designer dog carrier also includes a removable pad that is 100% machine washable. Surprisingly sturdy, these dog carriers can hold up to 18 pounds. 

6. Airline Approved Pet Carrier 

This cheap designer dog carrier is a really unique and lucky find. The carrier is made of a charcoal gray canvas and features adjustable over-the-shoulder straps that will allow you to travel in comfort and style. The straps feature a no-slip pad to prevent it from falling off your shoulder while you move around. The carrier is made to be compliant with all airline regulations. These carriers also offer soft, fleece lined bottoms and large, mesh windows for proper ventilation.

5. Classic Pet Carrier Tote by Vanderpump Pets

Another entry from Lisa Vanderpump’s animal-friendly line, these designer dog carriers come in black or pink and feature a quilted design that is complimented by gold hardware. Your dog will feel cool and comfortable with the three roll-up side windows and faux fur pad found in these carriers. Styled more like purses than designer dog carriers, these bags are perfect for transport your pet unnoticed. Keep in mind that these bags are on the small side and can only support dogs up to 4 pounds.

4. Sleepypod Dog Carrier for Travel on Flights

These sporty bags are among the best designer dog carriers on this list because they can go from airline to car seat with ease and safety. These bags are made from luggage quality nylon to ensure long-term durability and feature sturdy, seatbelt straps on both sides. These designer dog carriers have even been crash-tested and certified safe by the Center for Pet Safety. The carriers include a wide, padded shoulder strap that can comfortably support pets up to 17 1/2 pounds. Finally, these bags include machine washable bedding and fold flat for storage. To make sure your bag lasts for as long as possible, the company includes a cleaning and storage instruction card. 

3. Designer Puppy Tote Travel Bag by Betop

This cheap designer dog carrier comes in two sizes and is made of PU leather which is lightweight, durable, and easily cleaned. The exterior of the bag is styled in a pink and gray checkerboard pattern and sports a leopard print interior. The bag features a snap-button front pocket big enough for your phone or your dog’s leash as well as a smaller, zippered pocket on the back. There are mesh windows on both sides to allow for ventilation. The dog carriers also come with a removable inner pad as well as a detachable shoulder strap. 

2. Polka Dot Pet Carrier by Pet Life 

This adorable polka dot dog carrier is the only one of these designer dog carriers to feature a hard, military grade outer shell made of PVC and nylon center shell that ensures the bag will keep its shape over time as well as protect your dog. Surprisingly, this bag is so flexible that it can be flattened to a mere 3.5 inches thick. It is made with an over-the-shoulder strap and a built-in, interior leash holder for your storage needs. There are three window holes for air ventilation. Finally, the zippers on this carrier are heavy duty and will not break after a single use. 

1. Distressed Leather Designer Dog Carriers by Midlee

This is one of the chicest designer dog carriers on the market. It is made of dark, distressed leather and has bright, tan leather accents. It comes with a sophisticated over-the-shoulder strap as well as a back handle. Shaped like a briefcase, these designer dog carriers have a large, front pocket that can fit more than just your dog’s treats. They also have interior collar clips to ensure that your dog remains safe and secure inside.

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