Top 25 Best Dog Shirts for Sale Online

If your adorable pup needs some new clothes then you've come to the right spot. Here at Poochsy, we're absolutely obsessed with bringing you the best dog-related gear and have found the top 25 best dog shirts for sale online. From dog pajamas to funny dog t-shirts, we've found the best of the best. Enjoy!

25. Plaid Dog Shirts with Red Bow Tie - $8.78

This cute and comfortable dog shirt from HOODDEAL with its attractive blue and black plaid pattern and jaunty red bow tie will make any pooch the center of attention, whether he’s at a party, wedding or other special occasions. It is also a smart look for a casual walk down the street or a fun day at the park. Dog shirts should be able to be effortlessly put on and taken off and the dapper snaps easily allow for quick and easy changes. The quality cotton material is soft on fur and skin and the delightful western look is stylish and cool. The well-dressed dog should have this wonderful dog shirt as part of his wardrobe. 

24. Pink Princess Dog Shirt - $7.99

These majestic dog t-shirts from EXPAWLORER will be a royal hit with your little prince or princess and their admirers. The classy and dignified crown design and the endearing and stylish lettering lets everyone know your precious pet is royalty. These dog shirts come in black and blue for the handsome prince, and pink and red for the gorgeous princess. These dog shirts are light, comfortable and incredibly soft, but stay resilient wash after wash. They fit snugly but are very easy to put on and remove. Whether they are relaxing at the palace or walking past their loyal subjects in the kingdom, your darling dog prince or princess will definitely look smashing in these imperial clothes. Cheers to these magnificent designs.

23. Comfy Dog Pajama Shirt with Giraffe by Blueberry Pet - $8.99

These charming short-sleeved dog t-shirts from Blueberry Pet come in light apricot and aquamarine colors with a cute matching “Henry the Zebra” design. Also available from Blueberry Pet is a pack of two perky terry cotton prints in pastel blue. These dog t-shirts are quite pleasing to the eye and will make your doggie one of the most popular pups on the block. Besides being fun active-wear, they are also comfortable enough for bedtime and can be worn as pajamas. The lively colors will look spectacular on any color fur that your pet has. The darling designs are made for both boy and girl doggies. 

22. Plaid Lumberjack Shirt for Dogs by Paico - $7.55

Paico has come up with an amazingly stylish plaid concept in dog shirts. This spiffy cotton shirt has clean lines and a bold look and will make your boy or girl dog look cool and confident. Plaid never goes out of style and this dog shirt can be worn to a special outing or just for the usual walk around the block. The cuffed sleeves and collar will get your little guy or girl noticed for their exquisite taste. Your preppie pet will be sure to get admiring looks as they trot down the street in their too cool for school clothes. 

21. Bitches Love Me Dog Shirt by DroolingDog - $9.49

These hilarious dog t-shirts available in black, pink or white will make people laugh out loud as your doggie struts down the street. Drooling Dog’s daring and crafty design makes no bones about your boy pooch having all the lady pooches panting after him. The delightful red heart adds a wily accent to a comfortable and easy stretch polyester material with bold lettering. These are some of the freshest and friskiest dog shirts around. It’s a terrific look for small to medium sized dogs and will show the world they have confidence in spades. 

20. Hawaiian Dog Shirts by Tangpan - $7.39

It’s time for fun in the sun for your island-loving pet in a trendy and colorful Hawaiian print with short sleeves and easy to open snap collar. Tangpan has done an awesome job of bringing to mind a tropical paradise filled with vivid green, blue and orange splashes of color. Swaying palm trees, warm oceans and fast cars flying past hot, sandy beaches as the bright sun beats down adorn one of the styles. Dog shirts don’t get any more fun than these artsy outfits. Your dog will be comfortable, happy and fashionable on the way to the big luau. Surfs up! 

19. Funny Dog Sweater - Treats and Chill - $3.90

This cozy, fleece material dog shirt’s message of “Treats and Chill” spells it all out in plain language what our special doggie would like to be doing on a cool fall evening, cold winter morning, or anytime time for that matter. Wensltd’s adorable red sweater is a must-have in dog shirts, especially for those chilly days. It’s a roomy red delight with an attractive black border on the neck, sleeves and bottom hem. This is a great look for brisk walks or when your pet wants to curl up on their favorite spot in the home. This cozy and woolly sweater will warm their hearts and everyone who sees them wearing it. 

18. Trouble Maker T-Shirt for Dogs - $1.49

Watch out for the troublemaking little rascal who wears adorable and amusing dog shirts from Goodtrade8. Sweet and sassy, with sporty trim around the neck and arms, the dog t-shirts are sleeveless and made of cotton designed to keep your little buddy cool and relaxed during those long walks. You have to love the playful designs of these fashionable dog t-shirts. Made especially for smaller dogs, the clothes are well-made and will last a long time. The catchy phrases and vibrant colors can be worn by both male and female pups who like to show off their mischievous and perky personalities. They will get smiles and ear rubs from everyone who sees them. 

17. Camo Dog Shirts by Coper - $2.99

There is no hiding the fact that this clever camouflage dog shirt from Coper is a real winner. The well-constructed cotton vest style fabric is durable and comfortable. Your plucky pet will be stand out from the rest of the troops as he or she has a fun time frolicking around during walks among the shrubbery or attending a costume party or other event. Admirers will cheer this daringly darling choice in fashion. If dog shirts could receive top honors, this one would definitely get a distinguished medal for cuteness. 

16. I Bark at Ugly People Funny Dog Shirt - $2.60

This comically snarky dog shirt from Laimeng will always get big laughs when your precocious pooch passes by. The outlandish and amusing cotton outfit with short sleeves comes in a raucous red with bold black lettering. It’s funny and clever, even to the person being barked at. Witty dog shirts can be great ice-breakers and conversation starters when you and your pooch are at the park or the beach or wherever there are humans around to laugh at. This shirt is made of quality material and is easy to clean and care for. 

15. Pink Birthday Girl Dog Shirt - $9.99

Your lassie will look quite lovely on her birthday in dog shirts from KOOLTAIL. These are well-made, lightweight and great quality dog t-shirts made from a blend of cotton and polyester. The sweet birthday girl design is the perfect gift for her special day. The girl dog shirt is sleeveless with a pretty curved neckline and bottom hem. These dog shirts come in a variety of sizes, so whether your pooch is petite or on the roomy side, it will fit great and she will look gorgeous. Your girl pup will adore it and will get lots of congratulations and happy birthday wishes. 

14. Adorable Dog Shirts with Heart Pattern - $2.99

The endearing pink and black heart design makes this one of the most stylish dog shirts in town. The darling pink trim on the neck, sleeves and rounded hem give it an extra chic punch. This dog t-shirt can be worn for both dressy and casual occasions. It is made of a soft cotton blend material so your dog is always cool and comfy in it. The sizes tend to run on the smaller side, so perhaps a size larger than you might ordinarily choose for your dog might be best. This charming outfit from Voberry makes a sweet fashion statement. 

13. Striped Puppy Dog Shirt - $1.99

Stripes rule in these adorable dog t-shirts from Haoricu in three fascinating colors. Pick your pet’s favorite hue among mint green, classy black and tangerine orange, or get all three awesome colors. These sleeveless dog shirts are made from a cotton blend so they are a great choice for spring and summer seasons. They are sturdy, easy to clean and will keep their shape and color well wash after wash. They look equally terrific on both boy and girl pups. Your dog will have so much fun romping around in these delightful striped play clothes. They are indeed a classic choice.

12. Adorable Dog Pajamas with Monkey Pattern - $13.99

This irresistibly cute dog shirt from Fitwarm is more fun than a barrel of monkeys. Your pup will look adorable in this original and attention-grabbing outfit. This is one of those versatile dog shirts that can be worn at sleep time as pajamas or at play time as a romper. It’s also an exciting and unique outfit for a party or other special occasion. It’s a cozy and relaxed enough fit whether your boy or girl pup is dancing or sleeping. The appealing brown and yellow colors on the four-legged design will make everyone smile when they see your lass or lassie wearing it. 

11. Polo Shirt for Dogs with Black and White Stripes - $12.99

These casual but elegant polo style dog shirts from LovinPet will make your doggie stand out from the crowd. These classy dog shirts with the nifty button up collar come in a variety of sizes and colors in stripes and solids. Your pet will look smart in the attractive and trendy dark blue or red striped style. Or if you and they prefer solids, the blue and pink have striped trimming on just the collar and sleeves with a bold and classy applique on the back adding even more flair. Your pup will be country club and lake house chic in these stylish designs. 

10. 4 Piece Dog Polo Shirts by Kingmas - $11.99

Brighten up your fur baby’s day with this delightful set of dog t-shirts in four colors from KINGMAS. The lightweight and comfortable polo design is great for everyday wear. The cute round, white snap buttons on the front are simply adorable. The vivid colors in this pack of four are green, red, blue and orange – an assortment that sings summer fun, but of course can be worn year-round. Machine washable and easy to breathe cotton material make them a necessity for your pet’s wardrobe. These dog shirts are a better fit for smaller dogs and will look spiffy on your little guy or gal. 

9. Pink Mommy's Little Angel Dog Dress - $2.99

Your little fur baby girl will be the belle of the ball in one of the prettiest dog shirts out there. You will not be able to stop snapping pictures of your pampered pooch in this heavenly pink polka dot delight. The flair skirt, precious fly sleeves are and perky printed bow are dainty and feminine. This is a lovely look for any girl dog who is “mommy’s little angel” and knows it. This frilly dog shirt is a great look for weddings, parties or any exciting occasion where pets are welcome. Your girl dog will look heaven sent as she makes her stunning entrance. 

8. Chicago Cubs Dog Jersey by Pets First - $15.99

Your sporty pet will be able to express his or her team spirit when they wear one of these awesome major league baseball jerseys from Pets First. Your dog will be able to show they are the ultimate fan of their favorite team with these finely tailored dog shirts available in a range of sizes. The material is all polyester for a relaxed and stretchy fit. Choose from 29 MLB teams which all have the jock-tag sewn on for personalization. Your dog will get cheers for their fantastic fashion choice. 

7. Christmas Dog Clothes with Snowflakes, Xmas Trees, and Reindeers - $2.99

Let you and your dog’s Christmas spirit shine through with this cozy and festive holiday outfit. Neartime has designed a cool minty green and black dog shirt that perfectly captures the season. Dog shirts can be worn for many occasions, but this one is specially designed for Christmas and wintertime. Christmas trees, reindeers and snowflakes artfully adorn this jolly dog shirt and would be an extra special Christmas present under the tree for your special pup.

6. Hola Ladies Summer Dog Shirt by Ollypet - $6.99

This adorably macho t-shirt is a one-of-a kind creation for the pup with swagger. Your boy dog will win over the hearts of all the ladies with his in-your-face bravado and charm. The black sleeveless design from Ollypet is a well-constructed, machine-washable cotton blend. It’s loose, relaxed fit will keep your pet cool in the summer. The sizes are geared toward smaller dogs. Your little guy will make everyone smile with his charisma and confidence.

5. Cotton Polo Dog Shirts by Zack and Zoey - $11.25

These classic polo dog shirts from Zack and Zoey come in five sophisticated colors: Nautical Blue, Parrot Green, Raspberry Sorbet, Tomato Red and Ultra Violet. Tailored to perfection, but also great for casual wear, they sport a trendy two-button collar and ribbed cuffs. These dog shirts are 100% cotton and machine-washable for comfortable wear and easy care. They are appropriate for both boy and girl pups and are available in several sizes. A classy necessity for every snazzy dog’s closet. 

4. Colorful Rainbow Dog Shirts - $2.25

This is one of the hippest dog shirts around with its modern striped color scheme. From Haoricu, it is a comfortable and casual look but has delightful thin colorful stripes that make it stand out. It’s an easy-going cotton blend that makes it relaxing to play, sleep and jump around in. Each of the colors complements the others to create a very contemporary dog shirt with a cool vibe. Easy to clean and care for, this shirt will last for a long time. 

3. I Love My Daddy Dog Shirt by DroolingDog - $7.99

Another great design from Drooling Dog, this lovable polar fleece dog t-shirt comes in four fabulous colors - blue, green, yellow and light purple. This adorable dog shirt simply and clearly proclaims to the world how much your pet loves his daddy. The loose, relaxed style and 100% soft fleece texture make it the ideal piece of clothing to play in, sleep in and just cuddle with daddy on the sofa in. It is one of the most darling dog shirts around. 

2. I love My Mommy Dog Shirts by Idepet - $6.99

This doggie t-shirt from Idepet is the perfect look for your frisky pup to go for a run with his human mommy and daddy. The endearing words and red heart stand out sweetly on the athletic gray color. The soft, lightweight material helps your pet cool and eager for more exercise. It works just as well as comfy pajamas. Very easy to pull on and off, very easy to wash, this is one of those must-have dog t-shirts. 

1. Cute Hawaiian Shirt for Dogs - $9.99

EXPAWLORER has done an amazing job of bringing the look and feel of a Hawaiian island to this vibrant dog shirt. The colorful polo shirt features a snazzy collar and button down design that is held in place by Velcro instead of buttons to make it a snap to get on and off. The red Hawaiian flowers, lush greenery, and deep blue waters are brought to life on this breezy shirt. It’s the tropical dream vacation of dog shirts. You and your pup will have fun sauntering lazily down the beach and drawing admiring glances.
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