Top 25 Best Fashion Dog Collar Products of 2017

It's not often that your cool canine's outfit gets to outshine that of their owner, but for those awesome times, we here at Poochsy have got your back. From spiky dog collars to more subdued, trendy collars for dogs, we've compiled a list of the top 25 best fashion dog collar products for sale online. Enjoy!

25. Spiked Dog Collar by Beirui

The Beirui Sharp Spied Studded Dog Collar is a chrome studded leather collar, which is two inches in width, made to fit medium and large dogs. The fashion dog collar sports a thick and tough double layer of leather for durability for the active large dog. Additionally, the collar boasts long and short spikes which are inter phased to mitigate the stiffness of most spiked collars. Not only is this collar fashionable, but functional as well. The sharp, high-grade steel spikes, act as a defense if your furry friend is attacked by another mutt. 

24. Adjustable Fashion Pet Collar with Rhinestones by Aolove

The Aolove fashionable dog collars come in a variety of colors. Red, blue, purple, pink and black faux leather are just a few of the choices. Each fashion dog collar is bedazzled with metal alloy and diamante flower shaped rhinestones. The collar is designed for a small dog size or can also be used for a large cat. With so many colors available, it is virtually impossible to not find a combination that fits your pet's personality, shape, and hair color. Additionally, all hardware is made from heavy nickel plated base metal with a large D-ring buckle for comfort and durability. 

23. Almond Blossom Fashion Dog Collar

The Van Gogh Almond Blossom fashion dog collar is true to it’s name. This collar not only does justice to Van Gogh’s naturalist roots using floral highlights, but is also eco friendly. The collar is made from 100% PET recycled webbing. The recycled material has the strength of nylon yet much softer for your pet’s comfort. The floral design is directly printed onto the collar using a non-toxic material for a long lasting design. The collar comes in three sizes for small dogs, with an option to buy a matching leash. 

22. Personalized Gold Bling Dog Collar by Pet's House

Fashionable dog collars, by Pet’s House Dog Collars, has one of the best styles for female pit bulls. A sparkling infused thick leather collar, durable enough to last against the wear and tear of training a large dog, yet stylish enough for park strolls. The gold sparkle fashion dog collar is not only durable but can be personalized with spikes and rhinestones for that individual feel. 

21. Deluxe Fashion Pet Collar with Diamonds and Spikes

Fashionable dog collars are made by many different manufacturers. Wellbro stands above the rest. In particular, the deluxe fashion dog collar with spikes and diamond studs. The spikes are heavily riveted into the PU leather collar. Each spike is surrounded by diamond rhinestones for an additional bling factor. Since the collar is made from PU leather, it is both durable and soft providing comfort for your friend. This collar comes in five fashionable colors, red, brown, black, white, and pink; and therefore can compliment any color of your friend's fur. The hardware affixed to each collar (in addition to spikes and rhinestones) includes a heavy duty D-ring perfect for leash use, or to add a fashionable adornment such as a personalized identification tag, and five rivet holes for perfect adjustment to ensure a perfect match to your pet's neck circumference. This fashion dog collar is made for medium or large dogs such as a Rottweiler or Saint Bernard. 

20. Reflective Dog Collar for Adventurous Dogs by TOPSOSO 

Small dogs need love too! With the Truelove model collar an owner can show their love for their dog too! This fashion dog collar is made of padded soft mesh nylon webbing. The padding and webbing make this collar extremely comfortable for your dog. The ingrained webbing comes in three colors, orange, neon green and black. Both the green and orange mesh is made from 3M reflective material giving your pet good visibility for safe walking while out at night. Each collar also has a Duraflex leash attachment made from high durability zinc alloy that has a tensile strength rating for larger dogs. 

19. Eco-friendly Iris Van Gogh Dog Collar

The Van Gogh Irises fashion dog collar is true to it’s name. This collar not only does justice to Van Gogh’s naturalist roots using floral highlights with blue and green water colors, but is also eco-friendly. The collar is made from 100% PET recycled webbing. The recycled material has the strength of nylon yet much softer for your pet’s comfort. The floral design is directly printed onto the collar using a non-toxic material for a long lasting design. The collar comes in three sizes for small dogs, with an option to buy a matching leash. 

18. Comfortable Plaid Adjustable Dog Collar by Kong

The Kong plaid adjustable collar is as durable as its brand name. Made from high grade plastic and padded fabric, the intermixed light and dark solid plaid pattern makes this with no doubt a fashion dog collar in every sense. These fashionable dog collars come in two vibrant colors that any Scott would be proud to wear. The collar comes in traditional Scott green with dark green and white outline or a not so traditional royal purple with dark purple and white outline. Your medium or small sized dog is sure to look stylish with either color.

17. Small Personable Fashion Dog Collar by Pet's House


Pet’s House dog collars are made from 100% durable PU leather material. This fashion dog collar can be ordered in six vibrant colors which include black, red, baby blue, orange, pink, and purple. Each collar is embossed with crystal rhinestones and comes in three different sizes, extra small, small, and medium. These sizes are suitable for pocket sized to small sized dogs. 

16. Eco-friendly Pink Lily Dog Collar by DoggyRide

The passionate pink lily fashion dog collar is true to its name. This collar has multiple shades of pink and purple pastels to ignite passion. Alternating highlights with purple and pink accentuate the zigzag pattern within the fabric. This fashion dog collar is not only vibrant but is also eco-friendly. The collar is made from 100% PET recycled webbing. The recycled material has the strength of nylon yet much softer for your pet’s comfort. The floral design is directly printed onto the collar using a non-toxic material for a long lasting design. The collar comes in three sizes for small dogs, with an option to buy a matching leash.

15. Adjustable Multi-patterned Dog Collars by Aidiya

Aidiya fashionable dog collars are one of the best dog collars on the market. Aidiya offers unique patterns associated with their collars. In particular, the skull pattern by Hot Stamping. The colorful patterns resemble the ever popular “Day of the Dead” imagery. Vibrant colors on a black polyester webbing background makes these patterns pop. The hardware of the collar includes a plastic buckle made of eco-friendly plastic and a metal D-ring which is chrome plated for added durability. The collar comes in three different prints for your small, medium and large dogs. These prints include the flowered skull, the golden skull, and the rose skull. It should also be noted, however, this collar is not intended for tie out. 

14. Adjustable Bandana Scarf for Small Dogs

Have you ever wanted your furry friend to sport a bad ass bandanna? Have you tried to tie one on and found it comes loose, and does not function well as a collar, in any fashion? The triangle shaped fashion dog collar adds aesthetics and functionality into one item. Combining the bandanna and a collar this fashion pet neckerchief scarf comes in four basic colors, black, red, blue, and green. The collar portion of the kerchief is made from high-grade leather. Adhered to the main leather is nylon material making the kerchief portion of the item. Each kerchief has a traditional design in white fabric to complete the ensemble. This collar is made for a toy sized dog to small sized dogs and puppies.

13. Leather Dog Collar with Solid Brass Hardware

Are you looking for a fashion dog collar for your long haired or sensitive skinned dog? The Circle T leather round dog collar is the ideal for your pet then. Equipped with solid brass hardware for durability and hand inlaid rhinestones and quality stitching, this collar will not mat hair. Being made from high-grade leather, the collar is supple and lessens irritation from for your sensitive skinned pets. The collar comes in four different colors, latigo, blue, green, and pink. There is also a matching brown leather lead available from Coastal Pet Products. 

12. Premium Classic Nylon Dog Collar by Buddy and Co.

The Buddy and Co. Classic denim fashion dog collar are just that. Fashionable and practical. Made from high-quality denim and nylon this fashion dog collar is both functional, stylish and comfortable for your pet. The combination of denim on the outer collar and nylon on the skin side of the collar allows for the durability of a pair of jeans with the comfort of a pair of soft shorts. The collar is quite functional, sporting a plastic quick release buckle and a nickel plated D ring. The buckle is made from durable plastic for daily use and years of abuse. The D ring being nickel plated provides rustproofing and easy attachment of dig tags or leads. This collar comes in both red and blue and s ideal for small dogs that are less than twelve pounds.

11. Eco-friendly Van Gogh Dog Collar by Dutch Dog Amsterdam

The Van Gogh fashion dog leash is an art lovers dream. With accents from the prolific Dutch artist Van Gogh’s Starry Night. This leash is made of one hundred percent recycled PET webbing with non-toxic materials. Similar to the fashion dog collar (s) in this collection, the design is imprinted into the material. Being made from PET webbing it is softer and stronger than nylon. At five feet in length, the Dutch Dog fashion leash is one not to miss.

10. Adjustable Dog Collar with Southern Pattern by Hamilton 

Hamilton fashionable dog collars come in a variety of styles and colors. One of the most notable collars in this series is the adjustable southwest pattern. Being made with the highest quality nylon webbing and thread this fashion dog collar is built to last. The buckle and latch are made from durable plastic that can stand against the rigors of an active lifestyle dog. Additionally, all fabric cuts are blunted and made away from portions of the neck to avoid irritation. Overall, this collar holds true to the quality associated with the Hamilton brand.

9. High Fashion Dog Collar

The crocodile PU leather fashion dog collar from WwWSuppliers is unique and can be customized to fit any taste. The collar comes in six colors (black, pink, purple, red, blue, and white) with four additional modifications available. Modifiers include colored rhinestones (black, pink, and multicolored) and suede bows (pink and red). The collar can adjust for neck sizes from 9.5 to 11.5 inches. This fashion collar is suitable for small and toy size dogs or small and medium cats.

8. Fashionable Rhinestone Fancy Collar for Dogs 

Snazzi Pet fashion dog collar is optimal for maximum bling. These collars sport five rows (two hundred and sixteen) of stunning rhinestones on a two inch wide genuine leather band. Collars come in eight different colors, which include, baby pink, black, gold, hot pink, purple, red, silver, and teal green. The collar is twenty-four inches long with five adjustment holes for necks nineteen to twenty-four inches long. Each collar is equipped with a nickel plated D ring for added security and a durable location for dog tags or a leash attachment. 

7. Super Fancy Dog Collar that Glitters

The Pearl Rhinestone Crystal Necklace collar by Carlie Fashions is ideal for toy size too small size dogs. This fashionable dog collar fits well on toy poodles, Pomeranians, and Yorkshire dogs. This 1950’s lapel style collar will sure to sure heads on any park walk. Embossed with faux pearls and rhinestones this fashion dog collar is sure to make your dog the talk of the park. Each collar is two centimeters with an adjustable length of twenty-nine to thirty-four and a half centimeters.

6. Trendy Designer Dog Collar

The Capri Collection by Soft Touch Collars has one of the best fashion dog collar designs around. These collars are both simple and elegant. Every collar is hand made and hand stitched for the highest quality collar. Soft padding is stitched onto the inside of the collar to help protect your pet's neck. A high-quality D-ring is stitched between the two parts of the collar for easy leash attachment. As the D-ring is located on the opposite side of the buckle, use as a training collar is ideal for larger dogs. This fashionable collar is 1.5 inches wide by 24 inches long that will fit a dog neck size from 18 to 21 inches.

5. Bejeweled Diamond Dog Collar 

The Expawlorer fashion dog collar is designed for your small dog or cat. The bedazzled collar comes in two sizes (extra small and small) and three colors (black, pink, and red). The diamante necklace decoration boasts fashion and luxury for party time indoors. The collar is equipped with two loops for additional bling or tags. However, due to its dainty personality, these loops are not rated for use with a lead.

4. The Best Leather Fashion Dog Collar

Moopet fashion dog collars are made from 100% genuine leather. Each collar is equipped with a heavy-duty brass D-ring. Durable enough for walking, running, and training. Each two-tone collar comes in four distinct colors, brown, light brown, black, and dark brown. There are available sizes for small, medium, and large dog sizes. The best thing about this collar and company is Moopet guarantees their collars or an immediate refund or replacement will be issued. 

3. Fashionable Purple Dog Color with Rose

The Voberry big flower dog collar is one of the cutest collars around for small and medium dogs. Each collar is made of PU leather and comes in five colors, blue, hot pink, pink, purple, and red. A big flower is attached to the top of every collar to give this fashion dog collar is a namesake.

2. Pretty Pink Dog Collar with Jewel Rhinestoned Bowtie 

Viiler produces some of the most reasonable pet collars around. Their leather adjustable collars are made of PU leather and come in 5 different colors, black, blue, gold, pink, and silver. Each collar is set with a rhinestone bow for that extra special pop. The collars come in two sizes (extra small and small) ideal for small dogs and cats.

1. Reflective Fashion Dog Collar by 3M - Assorted Colors 

The Blueberry fashion dog collar comes in 8 vibrant colors. Each collar is stitched with 3M reflective thread into the nylon fabric. The collar also comes equipped with eco-friendly plastic buckles and a metal D-ring for leads or dog tags. The collar is available in small, medium and large dog sizes.

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