Top 25 Best Heavy Duty Dog Toys of 2017

For those of us whose best friend likes to destroy their toys, we've compiled a list of the top 25 best heavy duty dog toys of 2017. From the classic-style red rubber Kong balls, to more durable, longer-lasting alternatives, we've found the very best heavy duty dogs toys for sale online. Enjoy!

25. FurffyFido Heavy Duty Rubber Dog Toy - Nontoxic

This multi-functional dog toy made by FurryFido offers a good blend between heavy duty dog toys and a treat dispenser that will keep your dog entertained for hours. This dog toy comes in the three fun colors of blue, pink, and green, and is about the size of a softball. The treats can be hidden in the honeycomb pattern allowing the dog to slowly dispense food for a fun activity. The toy is made of durable non-toxic rubber that also acts as a cleaner for dog teeth. This toy will surely be one of your dog's favorites. 

24. Best Heavy Duty Dog Toys - West Paw


Next on the list is a tough tug-of-war dog toy that encourages play between you and your dog, or between your dog and their furry friends. West Paw Design's Zogoflex toy comes in three great colors; aqua, granny smith, and tangerine. The tug-of-war design has two distinct sides of the toy which allows dogs to play together, but it can also be thrown for a game of fetch. The stretchable toy, which can also float, is made in America with the best materials. The manufacturer has even offered a warranty against dog-made damage. This toy will stand up against the most rigorous games of tug-of-war and keep your dog thoroughly occupied!

23. Heavy Duty Dog Ball and Rope


This versatile heavy duty dog toys cater to dogs with a love for fetching. It is similar in size to a tennis ball but infinitely more rugged. A heavy rope running through the ball turns a regular game of fetch into an impromptu tug-of-war session. The heavy duty dog toys design is structured to give dogs something durable to chew on in order to relieve stress, anxiety, and clean teeth in the process. This dog toy is great for multipurpose throwing, fetching and tugging. 

22. Heavy Duty Chew Toys for Dogs


This rope and ball toy is the same as the above heavy duty dog toys, except it is offered in the color of green and red. You can buy one of each color, of if you have two dogs, you could buy one for each dog.

21. Strong Cotton Giraffe Rope Play Toy for Dogs


These adorable heavy duty dog toys are a fun departure from regular rope toys. Expawlorer has released four fun animal designs that are made from rope knots, along with three other traditionally designed dog rope toys. The animal designs consist of a gray elephant, a yellow giraffe, a brown and blue horse, and an orange lion. The traditional dog toy designs are variations of heavy duty dog toys made with rope. The rope toys are meant for large and small dogs to bite and clean their teeth in the process. The ropes are made with non-toxic cotton for safe playing. This is a great toy that is cute and fun but still durable. 

20. 6 Pack of Heavy Duty Toys for Dogs


This pack of multiple heavy duty dog toys is perfect for getting a variety of toys. This pack of six consists of different shapes and sizes of rope toys. There are three variations of a tug-of-war rope, a cute carrot shaped rope toy, a rope ball, and finally a rope Frisbee for an exciting game of catch. The pack of toys are great for small and medium sized dogs and are made of high-quality cotton. If your dog needs a variety of heavy duty dog toys to choose between, this pack of six is a great value.

19. Red Hollow Rubber Ball Dog Toy


This partially hollow ball is sure to keep your furry friend entertained. Tough by Nature Hol-ee Roller ball comes in a few different colors and sizes for heavy duty dog toys for all breed sizes. There are blue, red, and green color options, as well as mini, small, medium, large, and jumbo sizes of the toy. You can choose a heavy duty dog toys for the size of dog you have, in order to be able to stash treats and dog food inside for hours of entertainment. Each one of the toys is made with strong non-toxic rubber. The hollow honeycomb design can even be used for a game of fetch. This versatile toy is great for all dogs and caters to many different playing styles.

18. Indestructible Heavy Duty Dog Toy for Large Dogs

The interesting design of this dog toy lends to its durability which makes it a great selection of heavy duty dog toys. This toy comes in three great sizes and colors. There is a small, medium, and large toy choice that comes in either green, orange or purple. The pockets on either side of this heavy duty dog toys center can be stuffed with treats or even food like peanut butter. The Bionic Urban Stick will be a great choice for the toughest of chewers.

17. Round Doughnut Dog Toy - Black Rubber - Goughnuts


If your dog has a bit of a sweet tooth, then check out the Goughnuts heavy duty dog toys ring. It shaped like a doughnut, but much more durable than one. There are two sizes of the black Goughnuts and a green, orange, and yellow Goughnut of the same size for you to choose from. The Goughnuts float for wet games of fetch. The company has claimed that they are virtually indestructible heavy duty dog toys and that if your dog chews through to expose any red, they will replace the toy for free. One of the options of the black Goughnuts is an even tougher version of the original. These heavy duty dog toys seem like a great option for dogs that are rough with their toys. 

16. Super Funky Heavy Duty Toy for Dogs


These special shapes heavy duty dog toys are made to stimulate your dog's mind during play time. Made by Furry Fido, there are three designs that are made to be fun and interactive for your dog. There are three different shapes of varying colors that all have space inside to stash treats. Each one of them is made with heavy duty non-toxic materials. So if your dog prefers puzzles, these heavy duty dog toys are a great option. 

15. Tough Rubber Kong Flyer Dog Toy

This next dog toy is a more durable version of a traditional Frisbee, for dogs that love to chase down flyers. Made by Kong, this Flyer Dog Toy is made to be super sturdy and also stretchable. Playing Frisbee with your dog not only encourages exercise for your dog but also you. The toy is made in the USA with dog-safe rubber but is not too heavy for long range throwing. If your dog loves to chase down Frisbees in the air than this is a great choice among heavy duty dog toys.

14. Heavy Duty Kong Chew Toy - Jumbler Ball


This next dog toy is an interestingly shaped rubber ball that can fit entire tennis balls and other toys inside. Also made by Kong, the Jumbler Ball comes in two sizes, medium/large, and large/extra large and in various colors. The ball has large handles for you to throw for your dog, or for your dog to fetch and grab. The ball itself squeaks and floats for any type of playing style. This heavy duty dog toys shape is interesting and guaranteed to wear your dog out long before the toy gets worn out.

13. Heavy Duty Dog Balls

These heavy duty dog toys balls come in a pack of three, for dogs that love to juggle. The Snug Rubber Dog Balls are roughly the size of tennis balls and made of tough, pet-safe rubber. The pack of three heavy duty dog toys float and bounce for different doggie play styles. This pack of three is a great option for dogs that love to fetch, and when you lose one under the couch, you have another two on hand!

12. Assorted Tough Ropes for Dog - 8 Pack

This next selection is another great pack of heavy duty dog toys with many options. This eight-pack of heavy duty dog toys will definitely cater to many different types of dogs and their play styles. There are four different rope toys of various styles and sizes. There is a rope toy mixed with a rubber bone, a rope ball, a rope Frisbee, and finally a rubber ball. The rope heavy duty dog toys are made out of cotton for dogs that like to chew. Many of the toys in the pack float and are great for cleaning the dogs' mouth while they play. There is something for every dog in this great pack of eight heavy duty dog toys.

11. Adorable Elephant Heavy Duty Dog Toy

Your big dog will take a trip to the zoo with these different options of heavy duty dog toys. You can pick your second favorite animal for your first favorite animal to enjoy. For each one of these choices, there is a small and large option, and a choice between a rooster, donkey, elephant, kangaroo, pig, and chicken. Each heavy duty dog toys made with durable material and has a squeaker or noisemaker inside. These dogs are so cute, it will almost make you feel bad for the toys, but your dogs will love these heavy duty dog toys.

10. Goughnuts Heavy Duty Black Rubber Stick Toy for Dogs

These no frills, heavy duty dog toys are simply either a Maxx stick or Maxx ring made by Goughnuts. This elegant design is made for the toughest chewers with durable and safe rubber. They are made in the U.S and include a safety indicator that lets you know when the toy is no longer safe for your dog when you see red coming through. You have the choice between a doughnut shape or a long stick shape and two varying degrees of strength. Your dog will not be disappointed in the strength of these dog toys.

9. Heavy Duty Dog Toys Balls

These cool blue dog toy balls are great for fetching. They are hollow on each end to allow for hiding treats and food inside. There is a choice between a small light blue ball or a slightly larger navy blue ball, both made with durable, pet-safe rubber. They can bounce for fetching fun, and stand up to the most intense play. 

8. Toy Duck for Dogs

Your dog will quack for this adorable duck dog toy. MultiPet makes this Duckworth Duck plush dog toy that you can order with one or a pack of two ducks. The duck measures at thirteen inches long and has a squeaker inside that your dog will love. This cute toy will look great beside your dog as you snap pictures for your social media accounts. Your dog will love playing and cuddle with this dog toy and you will love how cute it is. 

7. Huge Rubber Tire Dog Toy


Tire your pup out with this heavy duty dog toys tire. Kong makes this Tire dog toy that has a rugged shape that you can throw, role, and also fill with treats. Specifically made for larger breeds that are more powerful chewers, it is made in the U.S with durable rubber. This heavy duty dog toys great for many different types of play, whether your dog is playing with you or by themselves.

6. Heavy Duty Dental Toy for Dogs

This colorful puzzle shaped toy has many different grooves and sections to keep your dog occupied. The grooves are meant to clean your dog's teeth as they play. The odd shape will bounce in different directions to keep your dog on their paws. It is roughly four inches long and meant for smaller dogs that are less prone to heavy chewing. 

5. Virtually Indestructible Heavy Duty Dog Toy


This interesting take on a traditional dog bone will keep your dog happy. The unique S-shape design is made by Ethical Pets with durable plastic and rubber. It floats, for games of fetch wherever you go but is also hollow inside to allow for hiding treats. This heavy duty dog toys thirteen inches long and will stand up to serious playtime.

4. Heavy Duty Chicken Bone Dog Toy - Nylabone

These next dog toys have a natural look and feel to them that are meant to resemble the real thing. Made by Nylabone, the Big Chew dog toys are made with tough nylon and promote healthy teeth and gums. You can choose between the classic bone shape, a chicken drum stick, or a turkey leg to satisfy your dogs' natural urge to chew. These heavy duty dog toys are made for larger dogs but will definitely become one of their favorites.

3. Nearly Unbreakable Dog Ball

This bright orange ball is a classic dog ball with durability, made by Monster K9 Dog Toys. The rubber that this dog ball is made out of is tough, bouncy, and non-toxic. It is roughly the size of a baseball and has a bit of weight to it. Your dog will love to fetch all day with this bright, bouncy and tough ball. 

2. Lime Green Dog Bone Toy

Your dog will never lose this bright green chew bone as they play with it for hours. There are three sizes of small, medium and large, all in a bright green color. The toy is meant for chewing and will help clean teeth. The unique part about this toy is that it has a Bacon flavor to entice your dog into chewing on it. It is made of a slightly harder plastic not really meant for throwing or fetching, but is still great for chewing.

1. Heavy Duty Dog Bone Toy

The last but not least of the heavy duty dog toys is this traditionally shaped, but durably designed dog chew bone. Made by West Paw, the Zogoflex Hurley comes in the sizes of mini, small, and large, and comes in the colors of aqua, black, yellow, and orange. The dog chew toy is made in the U.S with safe and sturdy rubber that is great for avid chewers. This toy doubles as a fetch toy, or a tug-of-war toy and floats, so you can play anywhere. This is a sure bet for a chew toy that your dog will enjoy for hours.

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