Top 25 Best Indestructible Dog Bed Products for Sale Online

If you're looking for the closest thing to an indestructible dog bed then you've come to the right place. We here at Poochsy have reviewed the top 25 best indestructible dog bed products for sale online so you can get back to doing what you do best ... playing with your adorable dog! 

25. goDog Indestructible Dog Bed with Chew Guard Technology

This is rugged bed comes in four colors. The beds range from an extra-small to double extra-large. No bed is indestructible; however, by creating a better indestructible dog bed with the built in mesh technology makes it one of the best out there. The strong mesh chew guard built into the inside of the bedding helps to prevent destructive chewing behaviors. The beds are skid resistant and they have bolstered sides to help keep little pups safe inside their beds. You can use the goDog beds in just about anyway from their crates to outdoors. The best part is these beds are machine washable to help keep them fresh and clean.

24. Indestructible Elevate Bed for Dogs

This raised dog bed will help keep your dog cool from all sides. This bed raises 7in off the ground creating a low impact bed for large or older dogs that have joint problems. The bed itself has an easy washable and breathable fabric that will resist fleas, mites along with mold and mildew. The frame has powder-coated steel making it extremely strong. Yet you have a lightweight indestructible dog bed that is elevated and easy to use, making it great for in and outside use. It also comes in four colors and sizes from small to X-Large

23. Furhaven Indestructible Bed for Dogs - Choice of 25 Colors

This beautiful rugged dog bed comes in a multitude of colors and designs, perfect to match any home décor. The bed has a foam mattress that comes in 3 to 4 inches deep. The mattress comes with egg crate foam that is crush resistant making it an indestructible dog bed. This style makes for a perfect for large dogs to support joints and pressure points promoting better health. With the suede gusset material, it can hide hair and dirt your dog brings in. Plush faux fur is the fabric that lines this cozy bed and cleaning is easy with the removable zippered cover.

22. Comfy Dog Crate Cushion by Mudriver 

This rugged little mat comes in small through jumbo. Made from industrial material this dog cushion has a nylon exterior built to be one indestructible dog bed for your dog’s crate. Soft and comfortable the padded cushion is easy to place, yet hard for your dog to chew on once inside of his crate. This will keep the dogs comfortable and cozy as they sleep the night away.

21. Indestructible Crate Pad by K9 Ballistics

Rugged and built to be the best indestructible dog bed, this create pad comes in seven vibrant colors. This crate pad made for a moderate chewer and will resist most chewing dogs give it. The pad made from a durable denier ripstop ballistic nylon that resists scratching preventing most punctures from biting the pad. Washing the create pad is easy as well due to it being resistant to water, hair, and dirt, making it a durable pad. Thought the pad designed for larger create it is flexible enough to fit even smaller size pet creates. This indestructible dog bed comes with a 90-day chew proof guarantee.

20. Luxury Waterproof Dog Bed by The Dog's Balls

This soft and cozy dog bed comes in eight delightful colors. Sizes range from small to extra-large; this bed will fit in any room in your home. Made with Oxford fabric this bedding is both waterproof and chemical resistant, allowing the bed to have a spot clean surface. The material of the bed constructed from dense solid foam for supporting your dog. After safety testing, this indestructible dog bed is perfect for use outside and a favorite among many boarding kennels.

19. Ultra-Rugged Maxx Dog Bed by MidWest Homes for Pets

Tuff and rugged, this dog bed comes in six sizes and four colors. Water and stain resistant, this bed becomes easier to clean because it is machine washable and dryer safe. Though it is not an indestructible dog bed, it is still durable enough for small to medium size dogs. With a no slip bottom, this bed is perfect for inside use on hardwood or tile floor. The ultra rugged bed has overstuffed sides and bottom; this will keep your little one nice and warm all season long.

18. Indestructible Orthopedic Dog Bed by Milliard

Supportive for the most delicate of pets, this orthopedic support bed will cater to aging pets. This bed made with CertiPur-US certified for maximum comfort from arthritis and sore joints. Also with the non-slip bottom, it prevents pets from falling due to the bed moving away from them. Machine washable and dryer safe the bed is easy to maintain and clean. This will help make this bed a longer lasting indestructible dog bed that is both easy to use but healthy for your pet. With sizes from small to extra-large, it will fit almost every dog even your cat.

17. Super Tough Dog Bed by Slumber Pet - Virtually Indestructible

This tough, indestructible dog bed keeps active chewers at bay. Vet approved to be durable and waterproof, this bed is perfect for use indoors or out. Filled with a poly fill cushion, this tough dog bed is the best indestructible dog bed for the comfort of your animals. This bed comes in two neutral colors and range from medium to large sizes. The cover treated with a fabric protector making it hand washed and line dry only. The liner can be machine washable and then line dried.

16. Ulta Comfortable Indestructible Dog Beds from BarksBar 

Coming in two sizes medium and large this dog bed makes an ideal bed for any dog. Though this bed is not an indestructible dog bed, this bed is one for elderly or arthritic dogs with a bone and joint issues. Created with four-inch thick memory foam base and a cotton padded cushion to support the neck and head of your dog. The bottom has a non-slip rubber bottom to prevent the bed from sliding out from under the dog as he moves into the bed. Easy cleaning makes this bed even easier to maintain with a machine washable cover for quick cleaning.

15. Comfortable Cushion Sleeper Mat for Dogs

This luxurious mat comes in four sizes to insure it will fit your pet. Made to go anywhere or fit any your dogs create, this sleeper mat will keep your pet comfortable and safe with a non-static fleece design. Because these beds come with high-quality materials, they make an indestructible dog bed that can travel with you while you are on the go. By giving your pet a safe warm place to sleep, keeping them protected from the hard surfaces of the floor, which could contribute to orthopedic problems.

14. Ripstop Ballistic Fabric Tuff Dog Bed by K9 Ballistics

Being this bed is chew proof for about 90% of dogs this indestructible dog bed is one of the top of the line in dog beds. Made with a ballistic ripstop material, which stops almost all nail and teeth punctures your dog can cause and prevents one's actually made from spreading. The air mesh liner sewn into the poly fiber material prevents the bed from bunching up and allows the bed to have great airflow. This bed comes in ten awesome colors and fabric styles to match anyone’s home interior. Machine washable and resists odor-causing moisture, this bed makes it easy for you to keep it clean. With the 90 chew proof guarantee, this makes this bed the best indestructible dog bed on the market.

13. Chewproof Dog Bed by Kuranda - Elevated

Walnut in color, this PVC dog bed comes raised and chew proof. Holding dogs up to 125 pounds makes this bed a great indestructible dog bed for inside our home only. The raised feature benefits older or arthritic dogs that have a hard time getting up and down. Easy cleaning and resistant to abrasions the canvas bed creates plenty of comfortable support for your dog. The canvas comes in four distinct colors and has a one-year warranty. 

12. Non-Chewable Bed for Dogs

This unique dog bed comes in two distinct colors with a customizable dog tag powered by PetHub. This tag once activated will help you locate a lost pet. Foldable with a storage bag this lightweight bed makes a great travel bed for on the go people. With an anti-chew bed pillow and high sides, this bed promotes nesting behaviors perfect for expecting or nursing dogs. The folding bed creates an indestructible dog bed simple to clean and maintain.

11. Orthopedic Memory Foam Indestructible Bed for Dogs

Beautiful and rugged this dog bed comes in a range of ten modern colors and five sizes from Small to XX-Large. As will all the K9 Ballistic dog beds, it contains the ballistic ripstop to prevent punctures or tears in the material. The bed is chew resistant for light to moderate chewers, however, will resist most scratches, water, hair, and dirt. Your pet bed will be simple to clean by removing the top cover, which is machine washable. The core of this bed comes with an inch and a half layer of memory foam. The inner layer has a dense three inches of foam to support the dog’s body. This indestructible dog bed guaranteed not to flatten for up to ten years and has a nighty day warranty for damages on the cover if any occurs.

10. MegaRuff Kennel Mat for Dogs by Slumber Pets

This handsome mat used as a crate pad or a comfortable dog bed and comes in five sizes. Chew proof for those dogs that love to chew, it has a polyester ripstop fabric makes this one indestructible dog bed. Super plush machine washable bed is easy to clean and care for, making travel a joy.

9. Nearly Indestructible Dog Bed by Dog Gone Smart

This sleek bed comes in three earth tone colors and three sizes to fit just about any size dog. Believed to be the best indestructible dog bed by kennels, this bed can resist dirt, liquid, odor causing bacteria and best of all it is chew proof. Perfect for dog kennels or use as a bed inside or out, you do not have to worry about this ballistic nylon indestructible dog bed. The ninja bed even comes with its own 90-day chew proof guarantee.

8. Indestructible Pet Bed by PLS - Orthopedic

The paradise orthopedic bed comes in four sizes for medium to giant size dogs. These large size beds made for larger breed dogs with a sturdy foam base and a soft plush pillow on top. Made with orthopedic foam to support and cushion sore and achy joints, you know your dog will have relief he needs. The plush pillow top, made from corn kernel and suede fabric will wrap your dog in warmth for the most restful sleep ever. Not an indestructible dog bed this bed not recommended for heavy chewers. With removable covers that are machine washable, this bed is easy to maintain.

7. Virtually Indestructible Wicker Dog Bed for Small Dogs

This beautiful black wicker dog bed comes with a bright red pillow that fills the bed. This lightweight and portable beds are perfect for the small dogs in your family. The little bed built with heavy-duty wicker material creating an indestructible dog bed that will blend into any home décor. The plush cushion that sits in the bed will not trap water or moisture, which causes bacterial order. However, the pillow is machine washable and you can spot clean in between washes to maintain the best-looking bed.

6. Rough Dog Bed by Casual Pet Products

Rugged as this bed is, it comes in three neutral colors made from a strong micro suede material. The bed filled with a polyester fiber and cedar mix surrounded by thick foam. The sides and bottom made from denier nylon to create an indestructible dog bed. Waterproof and has a machine washable cover, this bed is easy to maintain to help keep the bed clean and odor free. This bed comes in two sizes large and X-large, perfect for medium to large breed dogs or multi dog families. This bed is also a mad in the USA product.

5. Aluminum Chewproof Dog Bed by Kuranda - Elevated

One of the best indestructible dog bed around and comes in five sizes for any size dog. The bed has four beautiful colors to bring light to any room or kennel. Made from lightweight aircraft grade aluminum, this indestructible dog bed will withstand up to 250 pounds and resist rough play from your pet. The raised design will keep your dog cool and dry indoors or out. Easy to clean and maintain, this indestructible dog bed is perfect for you and makes this an ideal bed for outside use.

4. Indestructible Dog Lounge - Premium Edition by PetFusion

This slick bed will be the talk of the dog world or at least in your home. The four-inch memory foam base and bolstered sides will bring the best support and comfort to your dog. Water and tear resistant, this bed is a fashionable indestructible dog bed to fit in any spot of your home. The cover is removable and machine washable for easy cleaning, you can replace the cover if it became torn. With a one-year warranty on this bed that is free from any manufacturer defect, giving you the perfect bed for your loved pet.

3. Indestructible Dog Cot by K&H Pet Products

Four sizes and three natural colors, anyone will love this pet bed in your house. Made from a waterproof denier fabric this raised bed resists scratching and chewing to help keep this an indestructible dog bed. This bed is easy to maintain and assembles with no tools needed. The rubber feet on the legs keep it from sliding out from under pets trying to lie down; this helps to prevent joint strain and other injuries. In addition, with the waterproof fabric cleanup is easy and quick.

2. Kennel and Crate Dog Pad by Furhaven Pet

These mats come in five sizes to fit just about any size crate or kennel. Made of medical grade polyurethane foam, this beds cushion supports your dog’s joints giving them a restful place to sleep. Because this bed has a water resistant canvas cover, cleanup will be quick and easy. You can use this sturdy mat both inside and out, creating a portable indestructible dog bed perfect for traveling.

1. Waterproof Designer Dog Bed with Memory Foam by Brindle

This foam designer bed comes in three unique designs that will bring life to your home décor. The bed created with thick high-density memory foam and a removable zippered cover. A waterproof inner layer protects the foam from any damages from liquids keeping the bed durable and soft. When accidents happen, the beds protected cover is machine washable and safe to use in the dryer. The indestructible dog bed is always safe and easy to maintain while adding a small touch of elegance to your home.

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