The Top 25 Cutest Dog Sun Shirt Products of 2017

What's cuter than a dog in a sun shirt? Answer: nothing! From Hawaiian dog shirts to adorable puppy dresses, we reviewed the top 25 best dog sun shirt products from around the web. Enjoy! 

25. Fun Hawaiian Dog Shirt by Doggie Design

This dog sun shirt by Doggie Design is a gorgeous way to keep the sun off of you best friend this summer. With sizes from XXS to XXL you can find a size to fit perfectly, and 4 fun prints will let your dog lounge and play in style all summer long.

24. Giraffe Dog Shirt for Small Dogs by HappyDoggie

Happy Doggie brings you this cute giraffe print dog sun shirt. The cute design will look adorable on dogs sized small to X-large. It's light weight and cool so that your dog will be comfortable in the sun as the temperatures rise.

23. Blue Hawaiian Flower Dress Vest for Puppies by JLHua

Your dog will look like he's hiding from the rain under lush Hawaiian foliage in this lightweight summer dog coat. Just the same as you purchase a dog sun shirt to give protection from the sun, you'll be interested in protecting your dog's coat from the harsh effects of the sun drying summer rain on it. Your dog will look cool taking his summer strolls in this coat.

22. Lace Sun Protection for Cats or Dogs by Kuang Yanzi 

Your little princess will adore a new summer frock made by KUANG YANZI as much as you do. This airy dress will stay cool on your dog during her walks or while she's laying back in the shade. Both small and medium sized dogs can prance around in this adorable princess version of a dog sun shirt to beg for those summer goodies and be too cute to resist.

21. Patriotic Polo for Your Pooch by Zack & Zoey

Your little man can be ready for the Fourth of July in this red, white and blue dog sun shirt made by Zack & Zoey. Taking a nap in the shade or helping his people barbecue, your pooch will look patriotic in his polo shirt that sports an adorable embroidered American flag applique on a background reminiscent of the flag. This shirt provides UV protection so you won't have to worry about his safety in the sun.

20. Cute Crab Tank for Dogs by Zack & Zoey

Zack & Zoey know what you're looking for in a dog sun shirt, and they aim to deliver. Your pup will fit in at all your summer events in this fun and patriotic crab shirt. The built-in UV protection will make sure your pup stays safe from the sun's harmful rays no matter where he may find himself.

19. Little Love is Love Tank by Zack and Zoey 

Zack & Zoey are helping spread the message of love and tolerance one pup at a time this summer. This dog sun shirt is perfect for a daily walk in the park. The UV protection is built in to keep the sun from beating down harshly on your dog. The style will fit a dog as small as 8 inches and as large as 20 inches. The soft summer color makes this shirt a perfect fit anytime.

18. Beach Bum Dog Tank Top by Sunward 

Your dog will be the hit of the beach party in this dog sun shirt from Sun Ward. You can protect your dog from the sun no matter if he's lounging or playing in the sand with this shirt. The colors are perfect for a happy summer day. The laid back beach bum message will let everyone one know he's there for a day of sand, sun, and treats.

17. Pride Hoodie for Pooches by Zack & Zoey

The Pride Hoodie by Zack & Zoey is perfect for dog owners who want their dog to represent their pride. The hoodie offers protection from the sun, the wind, and cold air and is very lightweight. The hoodie comes in various sizes for dogs from super tiny to extra large so everyone can be included! 

16. Sequin Patriotic Flag Tank Top for Dogs by Zack & Zoey

Sassy dogs will be delighted to sport the sequins and rhinestones on this dog sun shirt by Zack & Zoey. Your dog can really strut her stuff at a Fourth of July gathering in this patriotic shirt while being protected from the sun's rays. The cool material will make sure she stays comfortable until the end of the party. The high cut neckline will ensure your dog stays clean and dry.

15. Polkadot Cotton Dog Tank by DroolingDog

Your pup will be as cute as she is comfortable in this dog sun shirt made by Drooling Dog. This shirt will fit dogs in the 5 to 8-pound range. It also comes in several fun colors and prints to give you more options for your pooch. The cotton material will make your dog feel cozy and comfortable, it may quickly become her favorite.

14. OCSOSO Summer Sun Protection Jacket for Dogs 

OCSOSO brings a change in a dog sun shirt with this adorable jacket. During the summer this light material will keep the sun off of your dog without letting him get too warm. It can also protect against the wind on those breezy summer nights. This jacket will fit pets sized small to large, and it features 4 cute designs.

13. Orange/Blue Sea and Sun Polo for Dogs by Zack & Zoey

Zack and Zoey bring you a playful polo dog sun shirt that is sure to look cute on your dog. The material has built-in UV protection that is perfect for a stroll or a day at the beach. This comfortable polo has a playful beach print that will make your dog look right at home in the sand.

12. Violet Sun Shield Shirt for Dogs by Gold Paw Series

When looking for a dog sun shirt that is perfect for everyday use you can't go wrong this summer with this violet snug fitting tee from Gold Paw Series. The material blocks out harmful UV rays to give your pet great sun protection. The cool material will help your pup stay cool during the summer heat while she's playing in the sun or relaxing in the shade.

11. UPF50+ Sun Protection Shirt for Dogs by Louie de Coton

When your dog needs protection from the sun and a little help staying cool too this dog sun shirt from Louie de Coton is perfect. The material blocks the sun's damaging rays to give your dog the protection she needs. The material can be wet to help your dog keep cool in the worst summer heat. This dog sun shirt also features reflective stripes, making it perfect for walking in the evening or at night.

10. Zack & Zoey Coral Life's a Beach Shirt for Dogs

This is a fun dog sun shirt made by Zack & Zoey. Your pup will have the comfort of a mesh tummy panel to help him stay cool, while the material is treated to block harmful UV rays. Your dog is sure to look cool as he happily displays the catchy message "Life's a Beach". The bright red color is perfect for summer strolls or days relaxing at the beach.

9. Sun/Rain Protection Dog Jacket by SILD 

For the more active dog, this dog sun shirt from SILD is perfect. The treated material protects from the sun's rays and whisks away water if your pet gets wet. The mesh is breathable so you don't have to worry about your pet overheating. This shirt is also perfect at night because it has reflective material, which will lower the risk of auto injury during night walks. This feature will also help ensure your pet's safety during hiking and camping trips.

8. Blue Hawaiian Sun Protection Jacket for Dogs by MaruPet

Your dog will be the coolest pet on the beach in this dog sun shirt from MaruPet. It has a laid back Hawaiian design that you will adore. Your dog will adore the lightweight material that will protect him from the sun and keep him cool. The jacket design of this shirt will protect your pooch from the wind too.

7. Blue Sun Shield Dog Shirt by Gold Paw Series

The Gold Paw Series dog sun shirt is snug fitting to give your pet comfort while it protects her from the sun. You won't have to worry about your pet overheating in this light and cool material. Your pet will enjoy the light color of this dog sun shirt, which comes in many sizes to fit almost any dog. The light color will help to keep your dog cool while she plays and while she rests.

6. Lightweight Sun Protection Shirt for Dogs by PlayaPup

For days when you need the perfect dog sun shirt for a day of play, PlayaPup has your covered. This lightweight material is stretchy and form-fitting so that your dog will be protected and comfortable. This is a shirt that will protect your dog wet or dry, and even help keep his coat clean. This dog sun shirt is available to fit many different sized dogs. You'll find fun colorful patterns to look great on any dog.

5. PlayaPup Pink Lightweight Sun Protection Shirt for Dogs

For that special girl dog that you love to take on adventures with you, PlayaPup makes this summer a stylish one by designing a dog sun shirt just for her. The two colors and patterns offered will make your pooch feel like a pampered princess. She will be safe from the sun, whether wet or dry, in this lightweight material. The snug fit will keep her comfortable and be safe from snags while she plays.

4. Red Rashguard for Dogs by EzyDog

For a day of fun in the sun with your best friend, you want to make sure he's safe. That's easy in this dog sun shirt from Ezy Dog. The red color makes sure your dog is highly visible, which is very important when playing around others. The Lycra is stretchy and snug fitting to make him comfortable and safe, while the build in UV protection makes sure he is safe from the harmful rays of the sun. This dog sun shirt is designed to keep your dog safe from those rays even if he's in water all day.

3. Dog Rashguard UPF50+ by Body Glove 

Your pet will love the Body Glove dog sun shirt. It features 4-way stretch to snugly fit many different sizes of dogs. Your dog will feel as cool as he looks in this stylish design. The cleanup will be a breeze after a day of play since this shirt's design will help to keep your pal's coat clean. You can rest assured that your dog has sun protection in or out of the water with the built-in UV protection. This shirt is made of a fast-drying material to help with clean up and comfort after water play.

2. Zack & Zoey Patchwork Dog Tee Shirt 

If you love finding patchwork styles for your furbaby, Zack & Zoey has designed the perfect dog sun shirt for your puppy. A beach print combined with patchwork details makes this an adorable addition to your dog's summer wardrobe. The material features built in UV protection to make your dog safer during strolls or trips to the beach. The high cut belly will make sure your dog stays clean and dry.

1. Mesh Sun Protection Vest for Dogs by Topsoso

For the dog on the go, Topsoso brings you a fluorescent dog sun shirt. The highly visible color will keep your pet safe in many situations that you may encounter while playing, hiking, or camping. It is made from a mesh material to help keep your dog cool and will allow heat to escape while he's being active. This shirt's material is treated to protect against harmful UV rays. The vest design will feel comfortable to your dog while resting and while playing.

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