Top 50 Best Dog Toys for Large Dogs

For some dogs, the typical chew toy simply won't cut it for most situations as they often fall or part or get destroyed in no time at all. It's with this in mind that we here at Poochsy have come up with the top 50 best dog toys for large dogs. From super big tennis balls to classic Kong rubber dog toys, we've found the best toys for your big canine friend. Enjoy! 

50. Rubber Ball by Kong - $7.58

Kong Extreme Balls are tough dog toys that made in the United State of America and are ideal for large dogs who like to play outdoors. The best dog toys for large dogs are made using quality material which ensures the balls are puncture resistant. The ball has a hole that is drilled at the center, the measurements of the ball is three inches meaning it can serve both the medium and large breeds.

49. Red Rubber Bone for Large Dogs by Kong - $7.34

Kong Goodie Bone is the perfect bone for the adult dogs especially those that are typical chewers. The dog toys for large dogs are made of natural rubbers which ensure they keep your dog happy and busy when you are away from home. Kong Goodie Bone has no any element of toxic substance since it is made in the USA and is patented by the Goodie Grippers.

48. Giraffe Rope Toy for Big Dogs - $7.99

GoCooper giraffe chew toy is a hundred percent cotton and the dye used on the dog toy is non-toxic which makes it perfect for cleaning your dog's teeth hence improving its dental health. The chew dog toy for large dogs are eight inches long and five and a half inch wide which makes them appropriate for small, medium and large canines. GoCooper is the best toy to help you prevent your dog from destroying your belonging, increase your dog's esteem and training it to be obedient.

47. Pack of Ten Dog Toys for Large Dogs - $21.99

The Lobve dog toy is a collection of ten dog toys which includes the spinose loop toy, ropes toy, frisbee toy, chew toy, dog toy balls, interactive toy and a squeaky toy. The different variety of toys helps control plaque and keep your dog's teeth clean. Also as an owner, you are able to strengthen the bond between your and your dog by fulfilling its instinctual needs. It is important to frequently clean and inspects the Lobeve dog toy so as to remove the damaged toys.

46. Colorful Rubber Chew Toy for Big Dogs - $3.99

Nobby wobbly dog toy is a interwoven rubber ball that is covered by four assorted colors and it is not designed for dogs that are aggressive chewers. The tough dog toys are made in China and they are a composition of pet squeak toys. The dog toys for large dogs manufacturers always ensure that the ball meets the customer's requirements and once you make an order of the Nobbly Wobbly you receive one interwoven ball assorted with four colorful rubbers.

45. 13-Inch Knot Block Chew Toys for Large Dogs - $13.99

Unlike the other dog toys for large dogs which are specifically for dogs, the paradise knots toy is a bird's toy where the toy has multi-colored blocks that are used to entice the birds. Paradise knots toy is both a preening and a chewing toy where it composes of a hundred percent cotton rope and a hundred percent sisal knots. The toy provides entertainment, physical and intellectual challenge where the clever bird is required to untie the sisal rope knots.

44. Triple Knot Dog Rope - $14.99

Booda Fresh dog toy is made of natural cotton fibers which are twisted with real dental floss, these properties of the toy help it gives your dog a fresh breath. The dog toys for large dogs are appropriate for all dogs no matter the size since they come in two or three knots both for the small and the large size toys. For those people with dogs with sensitive mouths, you have nothing to worry about the toy since it is non-irritating and non-invasive.

43. Purple Squeaker Toy for Large Dogs - Gnawsome - $14.99


Gnawsome toy has a loud internal squeaker and spiky texture which helps it massage the dog's gum. The dog toys for large dogs are made using food grade and they are TPR and BPA material free. Gnawsome is four and a half inch long and three inch high which makes it your pet's favorite. The toy not only keeps your pet healthy but also engaged, it is also a fun toy to play with since it has assorted colors.

42. Fetch Stick with Rope for Large Dogs - $6.99

KONG Air is made in China and it perfectly fulfills the customers' preferences since it consists of the pet squeak toys. The dog toys for large dogs are made using the non-toxic and non-abrasive ball fabric with ensures that your dog's teeth do not wear out. The toy is the perfect tool for the retriever training since it has the unique throw rope. It is, however, recommendable for dogs measuring 11-inches long and weighs thirty to sixty-five pounds.

41. Crackle Heads Ball Dog for Big Dogs - $20.99

The crackle head ball dog toy is made of durable rubber that has crunchy water material in it. The dog toys for large dog provides chewy and safe fun to your dog since their crunchy bottle materials inside do produce a sound that the dogs usually love. Crackle head dog toy is most suitable for the giants and the large breeds. The dog tough toys are long lasting due to their tough outer rubber that provides a protective layer.

40. Gyro Dog Toy by Kong - $11.69

The irresistible flip and roll action of the KONG gyro ensures your dog keeps entertained through its enticing and intriguing nature. The static outer ring with the center spinning orb usually entices the dog to roll the gyro which results to tasty rewards being dispensed. The dog toys for large dogs are suitable for extended playtime, kibble for added fun or independent play.

39. Blue or Pink Kong Puppy Toy for Big Dogs - $5.94

KONG Puppy toy is made using the teething rubber formula which has been recommended by behavior experts, veterinarians, and trainers. The dog toys for large dogs help reduce separation anxiety when you are away, deter destructive behaviors, help develop proper chewing habits and helps in crate training.KONG Puppy toy is made in the United States and is ideal for stuffing ziggies and snacks.

38. JW Pet Twisty Dog Toys for Large Dogs - $7.99

JW pet toy is usually designed to be the first teething toy a trait that makes it ideal for puppies, small, medium and even the giant breeds dogs. The dog toys for large dogs are made of hard natural rubber and have a rare spiral design. JW pet toy helps your dog to exercise its jaws and teeth since it is an interactive kind of a toy, also the chewing space of the toy is more compared to other toys due to its double-helix shape.

37. Rubber Ball Chew Toy - $14.97

The dog toy ball is made in the United States and has no latex, heavy metals, BPAs or phthalates meaning no harm can result from your dog chewing the ball. The dog toy for large dogs are virtually indestructible and is fade-resistant, however in case you feel the sophisticated and stylish ball does not meet your requirement after buying it, you can take it back for a refund.

36. Rubber Ring Toy for Dogs by Kong - $7.19

KONG Squeezz toy is made using a durable and non-toxic material which is easy to squeak. The dog toys for large dogs are fun due to their erratic bounce a trait that makes them ideal for large breeds dogs. KONG Squeezz dog toy comes in six shapes which include stick, football, ball, bone, dumbbell, and ring.

35. Rubber Squeaky Large Dog Toy - $7.74

Due to its revolutionary durability and design, the KONG Squeezz Ball has become one of the best squeaker toys. The materials used to make the dog toys for large dogs are not only durable but also non-toxic, making it suitable for your giant breed dog. Despite the size of the dog, it cannot damage the toy by chewing it since squeakers are usually inside the rubber.

34. Long Large Dog Toy - $3.99

In case you are looking for a favorite snuggly companion for your pet, then you need to try the Loofa Dog. The dog toys for large dogs are funky style pets made by the Multipet. Loofa Dog can be used as a back scratcher and also as a retriever.

33. Squeaky Firehouse Dog Toy - $5.99

Outward Hound is made using the fire hose material and double-stitched seams which enable it to provide a long -lasting fun. As a result of the material used in making them, the tough dog toys are able to withstand hard chewing. It is ideal for a toss, fetch and tug games, also it has an engaging array of shape hence providing huge fun to your dog.

32. Safestix Dog Toy by Kong - $6.29

KONG Safestick is made of a durable plastic material, a trait that enables it to be flexible, bendable and a floating dog toy hence making a perfect throw and fetch dog toy. KONG Safestick has assorted colors and its length is about 27-inches. Your dog can have fun with the dog toys for large dogs indoors or outdoors. The tough dog toys are made in United State and shipping is done locally and internationally.

31. Purple Dumbell Dog Toy by Kong - $7.59

KONG Dumbell is made of a durable and non-toxic material which makes it perfect for your large breed dogs. The fun erratic bounce comes in six shapes and includes a bouncy ball, a stick, a football, a ring, and dumbells.The dog toys for large dogs guarantees hours of fun to your dog due to their protected recessed speaker that is easy to squeak.

30. Rainbow-Colored Giggle Ball Toy by Petacc - $8.99

Petacc Giggle Ball is made using non-toxic and environmental plastic, this means no harm will come to your dog even when the ball comes into contact with the dog's food. The dog toys for large dogs produces a funny sound despite them not having batteries that have an internal magnetic field. Petacc Giggle has bell ball which helps strengthen and clean your dog's teeth, it is also very useful in dog's IQ training where the dog learns not to tear the household goods.

29. Jump'N Jack Large Dog Toy by Kong - $10.99

KONG Jump dog toy is made in the United State and is best known for excellent cleaning of dog's soothe gums and teeth. These are the kind of dog toys for large dogs that you used when you want to play an active game of catch since the toys usually bounce wildly. In addition to teeth cleaning, it also reduces food debris and plaque through its dental ridges. It would be a misinformation by saying the toy is just a dental toy since is more of treat dispenser.

28. Duck Large Dog Toy - $6.26

The Mallard dog toy has realistic features such as squeakers which help in interactive play, also, as a result of the toy being double stitched, it is safer to the dog. Comparing with other dog toys for large dogs, one can confidently say the Classic plush toys are closer to life and its embroidered details make it impossible for a dog to swallow any of its small parts.

27. Cheap Dog Toy for Large Dogs - $8.93

Undoubtedly, the Outward Hound Invincible is a durable, lovable and cuddly toy, which enables it to keep your puppy playful. It is made of special type of squeakers and a tough fabric which helps it to keep squeaking even after being punctured. Also, it is hard for the toy to be ripped off since it has a dura-tuff inner lining. The good thing with these dog toys for large dogs they come in wide variety of sizes and character meaning you will find one that fits your dog's preference.

26. Flavored Ring Bone Chew Toy for Large Dogs - Nylabone - $8.39

Nylabone Giant has multiple textures which result to an increased desire to chew, the tough dog toys are designed to fulfill the powerful chewer's needs. The dog toys for large dogs helps the powerful chewers to control plaque, clean their teeth and build up the tartar. Nylabone Giant toy also helps solve the destructive behavior of your dog, where they fully fulfill the dog's needs hence diverting their attention from inappropriate items.

25. Indestructible Dog Toy by Kong - $8.19

KONG Genius is designed in a way that it is able to satisfy and entertain the average chewer. The treat releasing puzzle is 6 by 2.75 by 2.75 inches and is usually staffed with kibbles and snacks. KONG Genius should be given to a dog which weight is between fifteen to forty pounds. The main advantages of the dog toys for large dogs are the separation of anxiety and fighting off boredom, the toy is available in three sizes, small, medium and large.

24. Bone Large Dog Toy - $14.02

Bristle Bone is made using rubber sprockets, nylon bone, and bristles, it also has a treat grip which is firmly gripped to it. This toy is capable of changing your dog's destructive behavior to a positive playtime. Bristle Bone is appropriate for the hard chewers that are over six months old are between fifty and ninety lbs. The treats in these dog toys for large dogs come in a wide variety of flavor options and are available in separate refill packs.

23. Assorted Collection of Rope Toys for Large Dogs - $12.87

Otterly Pet dog toy is made using a hundred percent cotton rope which makes it very tough and perfect for an average chewer, the toy is also capable of floating on water for about ten minutes. In addition to the rope, the toys have a tennis-sized ball made of a hundred percent food-grade rubber which so far no dog has managed to destroy it. The dog toys for large dogs can be used in fetch games and tug of war toss due to their vibrant colors. Otterly Pet also helps in maintaining good dental health for small and medium dogs.

22. Rubber Bowling Pin Dog Toy - $5.66

Bowlin Pin dog toy is made of tough rubber which makes it perfect for giant and large breed dogs. Due to their size and shape, the dog toys for large dogs can be easily carried around, rolled and flung since they naturally lend themselves to the dog's mouth. In addition to the tough dog toys being a durable squeaker, they also have vanilla extract which makes your dog have more fun.

21. Kong Dog Toys - Purple - $6.89

KONG Senior just like its name suggests it is made from KONG Senior rubber and is specifically designed for the aging jaws and teeth .i.e. the soft chewer dogs. The dog toys for large dogs have been recommended by the trainers, veterinarians, and the behavior experts. The ability of the toy to encourage the older dogs to exercise and play help re-establish the bond between you and your dog.

20. Non-Toxic Large Dog Toys - $6.69

Toy for Dogs is made using a rubber material which is non-toxic and non-abrasive hence making it safe for your dog. It is the best toy for a naughty dog since it is tough, strong, bouncy and cannot be destroyed by a dog bite. The dog toys for large dogs have a sawtooth antiskid design which enables them to clean the dog's teeth and massage its gums. The toy is suitable for dogs of different ages and can be used for pet training and outdoor playing.

19. Fat Rooster Large Chew Toy for Dogs - $15.25

goDog Checkers is made from a textured, checkered and soft plush by the Chew Guard Technology. The dog toys for large dogs are designed to be tough hence being able to withstand a rough playtime fun. All dog breeds can enjoy goDog Checker since it is available in all sizes .i.e. the small, medium and large size.

18. XL Kong Indestructible Chew Toys for Large Dogs - $12.98

KONG Jumbler has two handles which make shaking and pick up easy, the toy is able to entice your dog's play through its tumbling interior ball and the squeaker. The ability of the dog toys to withstand tough play make them perfect for fetch games.KONG Jumbler weighs 1.2 pounds and its dimensions are 5.2 by 9 by 5.2 inches.

17. Extreme Dog Toy by Kong - $8.26

KONG Tires is made in the United States and has a unique gripping design which helps make the toy a very durable structure. Due to their design and durability, the dog toys for large dogs are suitable for entertaining and satisfying the power chewers .i.e. the dogs between thirty to sixty-five pounds. With KONG Tires your dog experiences an active chewing experience due to its ability to rebound and double up when compressed.

16. Tugg Wubba Dog Toy by Kong - XL - $6.17

Tugga Wubba is made from a durable nylon that is reinforced by stitching and fabric. With these dog toys for large dogs, the dog is able to enjoy the shaking fun since they have tails on both ends. Also, their tails make them easy to pick up and throw making them suitable toss and tug tough dog toys. Due to its durability, Tugga Wubba the tough dog toys are recommendable for dogs weighing thirty to sixty-five pounds.

15. Long Red Rubber Squeeze Toy by Kong - $8.78

KONG Squeezz Stick is made from a durable and non-toxic material which makes it safe to your dog. The dog toy is designed in six shapes which include bone, football, ring, dumbell, stick, and ball. KONG Squeezz Stick is suitable for outdoor and indoor use and it is recommendable for large breeds dogs. The dog toys for large dogs have an erratic bounce and squeaks easily which enables them to maintain hours of fun.

14. Large Orange Dog Toy by Kong - $5.27

KONG Wet Wubba has a high floating ability which makes it perfect while playing in the water and on long; also after the playtime is over, it does not take long to dry. The toy is sold in three assorted colors which include yellow, green and vibrant green.

13. Fetch Ball Dog Toy by Chuckit - $15.22

Chuckit Kick Fetch is made from a natural rubber, Eva foam, and canvas which makes it perfect for outdoor games such as interactive fun and fetch games. The dog toys have vibrant orange colors which makes it impossible for your dog to misplace the balls in water or open spaces Chuckit Kick Fetch size is similar to that of a soccer ball and its diameter is seven and a half inches.

12. Talking Dog Toy for Large Animals - $5.85

Pet Qwerks is designed in a way that it is able to talk when touched, the sensitivity of the toy is so high such that it is triggered when a pet breaths. The dog toys for large dogs have several benefits some of them being reducing boredom, providing great exercise and ensuring dental health. Immediately the dog is done playing the toy usually enters the sleep mode automatically until it is touched again.

11. Interactive Dog Toy by StarMark - $9.39

StarMark Bob plays two roles at the same time .i.e. feeds and helps your dog exercise at the same time. With these dog toys for large dogs, you can feed your dog using the adjustable top and bottom openings which are capable of holding a full meal.The bottom chamber is big enough to hold a maximum of three cups of dog's food. Also, the bottom chamber which has more weight than the top makes the toy to wobble hence enticing the dog.

10. Large Dog Toy for Strong Chewers - Nylon - $7.99

Nylabone Durachew is made from high-quality nylon and has a textured design which makes it suitable for strong chewers. The dog toys for large dogs have bacon, chicken, liver and peanut butter flavor which makes them irresistible, a trait that helps your dog relieve its destructive trait by diverting its attention from the properties. 

09. XL Wubba Dog Toy - $7.10

KONG Wubba has two rubber balls, one of the ball is a tennis ball while the other is a squeaker ball, the two balls are covered by a nylon fabric cover that is durable and reinforced. Just like the other KONG toys, the toy is best when it comes to safety, originality, value, and quality. The ultra-durability of these dog toys for large dogs does not inhibit satisfaction of dogs with the soft mouth, in fact, the tough dog toys keep them engaged.

08. Toy Rope for Large Dogs - $4.79

Mammoth Flossy is twenty-five inch long and has three-knot rope tugs. The toy is made from cotton rope fibers which help floss dog's teeth as the dog plays with the tough dog toys. Due to the tug shape of these dog toys for large dogs, they are able to create an interactive play which is perfect for the medium and large blend dogs.

07. Super Big Indestructible Ball for Pit Bulls and Large Dogs - $50.99

Unbreakoball has a ten-inch diameter, its size is close to that of a basketball. The toy is made in the United States and is made from the polyethylene plastic which is non-toxic and is of high density.The ball perfectly serves as a favorite ball for almost all dogs including the Jack Russells, Rottweilers, and Bulldogs. Unbreakoball is recyclable and a hundred percent safe for your dog. The dog toys for large dogs are also capable of floating.

06. Moose Knot Big Dog Toy - $6.37

Tugger Knots is a very durable toy made possible by its multi-layered fabric and looped robes which absorb the tugging stress, The length of the dog toys for large dogs are about twenty inches and that why they are recommendable for dogs weighing up to eighty pounds. Tugger Knots has a minimal stuffing design which ensures there is a minimal mess and creates a texture that most dogs love when chewing.

05. Kong Tennis Ball Toy for Large Dogs - $17.17

The United States made Air Dog Squeaker is nine inches long and is suitable for the large breed dogs. The dog toys for large dogs are safe for your dog teeth since their squeakers are hidden making them impossible for the toys to abrade the dog's teeth.Air Dog Squeaker is a combination of two tennis ball and a squeaker which are dog's canines favorite.

04. Classic Red Kong Chew Toy for Large Dogs - $7.33

KONG Classic is made in the United States and its bounce is unpredictable which makes it perfect for the fetch game. Dog enthusiasts, veterinarians, and trainer from all over the word have recommended these dog toys for large dogs. KONG Classic is also great in stuffing since it is naturally compatible with KONG treats. The toy is available in six sizes which are XXL, XL, L, M, S, and XL.

03. 6 Pack Gift Set of Dog Toys - $14.49

These dog toys for large dogs are a collection of various products which includes cotton rope, plush dog, tug of war ball and a butterfly flower cotton rope. On the outside, the toy is made of a rubber material which is tasteless, non-toxic and a little bit resistant.The dog is given several tools to play with for example the bones, voice, bell, and ropes. In case you buy this toy and later feel it does not meet your expectation you can take it back for a refund.

02. Super Big Tennis Ball for Large Dogs - $14.99

The PCS tennis ball diameter is nine and a half inches and it is suitable for the most fierce or naughty dogs. The ball is made in China and it only takes seven business days to be shipped to America after the purchase. The dog toys for large dogs are usually thicker compared to the other tennis balls that pets use. At times the ball may be delivered without being inflated because of the transportation, you can inflate it yourself since is an easy process

01. Jumbler Ball by Kong - Assorted Colors - $11.69

Jumbler Ball is made from a thermoplastic which is a very tough material, the toy also has handles and squeaker which makes it ideal for tough play and interactive fun. The dog toys for large dogs are available in medium, large and extra-large sizes, meaning they can be used by all dogs regardless of their size. Jumbler Ball dimensions are 7 by 7 by 7 inches and weigh 1.9 pounds.

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