The Top 50 Best Luxury Dog Beds of 2017

If you're on the hunt for luxury dog beds for your furry best friend then look no further! We here at Poochsy are obsessed with finding you the best of the best dog products and we've truly outdone ourselves with this post. Here you'll find the top 50 best luxury dog beds for sale online. From plush designer dog beds to ultra modern beds for the fanciest of pooches, we've found the top luxury dog beds anywhere around. Enjoy! 

50. Luxury Dog Beds by Sabanah with Pillow Attached

The sunshine yellow Sabanah dog bed is made for large breed dogs to sleep in comfort. Its unique design will go perfectly with most home decor and furniture. Sabanah luxury dog beds are constructed of premium materials, in order to give your pooch a comfortable place to rest. It is considered to be one of the best luxury dog beds that are manufactured by Sabanah. 

49. Stylish Red Dog Bed by Bellalabel

Amaze your canine companion with a Somers Furniture's luxury dog beds. Such as the "Calm, Cool, Composed" doggie bed. It looks like something you'd see in a castle, talk about royalty, this one will add a touch of elegance to your home. It has a frame constructed of genuine marine grade birch. Making it long lasting and durable to last for years and years. 

48. Bohemian Dog Bed by Sabanah

Pamper your pooch with one of Sabanah's luxury dog beds, guaranteed they'll be happy. For instance, the Sunshine Yellow one is extra sturdy for large sized dogs. In fact, it's more luxurious than most standard beds in which people sleep on. When your forever friend lays upon the plush mattress, they'll truly be in heaven. 

47. Ultra Modern Sofa for Dogs 

The "Crème/Fawn" pet sofa is one of the best luxury dog beds to be found today. With a unique style and design, it would look quaint in any room of the house. Its cushions are constructed of a lush velvet and are changeable as well. The faux leather is highly durable and resistant of pet urine, just in case they have an accident. 

46. Wooden Luxury Crate Pet Bed for Dogs

Talk about elegance, the Uttermost wooden pet bed is so luxurious that you'll want to try it out. The black wooden crate blends in nicely with most home decor, fitting perfectly in room corners. This is a highly popular pet bed to acquire, for those interested in purchasing one, do it now before they run out. 

45. Contemporary Luxury Dog Bed Made in Los Angeles, CA - Assorted Colors

When it comes to the best luxury dog beds, "The Current Pet Bed" is the cream of the crop. Ideal for most rooms in a home, this pet bed is green with white cushions. It also has a hidden storage compartment in the back for toys and two bowls which are attached as well. For those with pets who occasionally have accidents, you'll simply love the removable cover that's attached, which is machine washable, easily removing any stains, and pet hair.

44. Memory Foam Luxury Dog Mattress

For those with older dogs, the "Buddy Beds" Memory Foam bed would be perfect. This is a highly sought after luxury dog bed, which has received the "Awarded Animal Wellness Seal of Approval". In order for it to last a long time, this bed has an added protective liner attached. 

43. House of Paw Luxurious Dog Beds - Medium

The "House of Paws" gray hessian bed is extremely plush and luxurious. You'll find it to be one of the best luxury dog beds, the stylish design looks quaint in any room. The price is also quite reasonable as well, making it a very sweet deal for you. It is guaranteed to put a smile on your face when you glance over at Fido sleeping comfortably. 

42. Prince or Princess Castle Dog Bed

Your pet will feel like royalty in the Emerald Green, Gold Rattan dog bed. It even has a cute Malachite crown atop the headboard. The emerald green nicely accentuates the gold tones and faux iron bamboo sides. It is hand crafted into the most unique of designs, giving it quite an exquisite look. You're guaranteed to love the hand carved wooden artichoke finials as well. 

41. Taupe End Table with Adorable Pet Bed Attached by Doggiedasherie 

When it comes to luxury dog beds, "Doggiedasherie" is one of the best manufacturers that are available. For instance, their taupe end table with pet bed is one of many in which to choose from. It is quite a neat concept and looks marvelous in your living room as well. You could place a drink or beverage on the end table, while your canine pal is taking a snooze. 

40. Luxury Dog Strollers that Double as Beds

Take your pet for a walk in style with the Gen 7 deluxe pet stroller. It has a canopy for those bright sunny days and plenty of room for them to have a comfortable fit. Equipped with ball bearings on the wheels, in which to provide a smooth easy going ride. It even has two cup holders, one for your beverage and another for a phone or other accessory. Imagine strolling through the park in style with this amazing pet stroller.

39. Mahogany End Table with Luxury Pet Bed Built In

Doggiedasherie has outdone themselves with the mahogany end table and pet bed. The mahogany finish makes it look amazing in any room of a house. It is one of the best luxury dog beds available, which is reasonably priced and comes with free shipping as well. In the event that your canine companion has an accident, the pillow is one-hundred percent machine washable. 

38. Super Comfy Dog Bed by BecoThings
Beco Things is one of the best luxury dog beds manufacturer, they dedicate themselves to making top quality pet products. For those looking something simple yet stylish, then look no further, "Beco Things" has a plush pet bed that fits that description. your dog will sleep in comfort with this cozy little beauty. 

37. Luxurious Indoor Dog House and End Table - XL 

For those who love to pamper their pooch, the DenHaus indoor hideaway dog house is truly an incredible product that's available. The rich mahogany wood makes it appear to be a coffee table at first glance, however, underneath is a hidden bed. Which is suitable for larger breed dogs, giving them plenty of room to rest comfortably. 

36. High-End Japanese Dog Bed by Lager 

The Lager Corporation is known for their top quality luxury dog beds, using only the best materials to provide customers with the best of products. Its plush soft cushioning has just the right amount of padding. Your dog will feel like it's in heaven, sleeping on the "Lager Corporation's Large, raspberry bed. 

35. Luxury Dog Napper Bed by DenHaus

Talk about luxurious, the "DenHaus Neddy Napper Dog Bed" will make your pooch feel like they're sleeping on a fluffy cloud. This amazing looking bed is shaped like a couch and its cover is made up of suede. It is one of the softest luxury dog beds available today. 

34. Wooden End Table that Doubles as a Luxury Dog Crate
When it comes to luxury dog beds, this one is a three-in-one specially crafted product. That's right, not only is it an end table, it's also a dog crate and bed as well. Making it possible to have your forever friend there right beside you. The dimensions of the bed are 24 x 27 x 35 inches, which would be ideal for the medium sized dog. 

33. Luxury Orthopedic Dog Beds by Buddyrest - Memory Foam 

Talk about pampering your pooch, this luxurious memory foam fleece dog bed will surely do the trick. It is a rich log cabin brown, which blends in perfectly with the most home decor. Just picture your dog sleeping peacefully on this wonderful bed, which is a highly sought after item. No wonder it stands out from those other luxury dog beds out there. 

32. All Weather Luxury Dog Beds by New Age Pet

For those who have pets that like to sit near the window, this polyurethane mat table would be ideal. Just imagine your special friend atop the mat table out on the porch enjoying some rays the sun. It will look great in any room, giving your pet the ability to sit there beside you. 

31. Designer Luxury Dog Beds for Small Dogs

For those of you who love to pamper your pooch, the Pet Lounge Studios acrylic dog bed makes that possible. Which is one of the best luxury dog beds to be found. Its unique curved design would look absolutely amazing in your living room. Constructed of micro-suede fabric, making it extra durable and is made to last for years. 

30. Mission Style Raised Dog Bed by New Age Pet

For those who want to add a touch of style in their home, the Home Buddy's medium sized dog bed will do just that. Whose deep espresso brown wood is going to enrich your home. It is truly one of many luxury dog beds that are constructed from the sturdiest of materials, such as the extra plush cushion with removable cover. No wonder it's one of their most popular items in stock. 

29. Ultra Modern Luxury Dog Bed by Bellalabel

The Uppermost pet bed looks like something you'd see in a celebrity's home. Your pet will feel like royalty, resting upon this amazing piece of furniture. It is priced just right and includes free shipping as well, making it one of the greatest luxury dog beds to have. With this kind of deal, you've nothing to loose. Your pet is guaranteed to be a happy camper after sleeping on this bed. 

28. Indoor Zen House and End Table for Dogs

Add a touch of class to your home with the DenHaus indoor dog house with built-in end table. It can be used as a home for your canine pal to enjoy or this handy product can be turned into a cat litter box as well. Constructed of high-quality fiberglass, making it withstand the test of time. 

27. Deep Blue Beco Bed Mattress - Assorted Sizes

When it comes to top quality luxury dog beds, "Beco Things" is one of the best manufactures of pet products to be found. One of which is their blue mattress, medium sized dog bed. Its plush cushioning is composed of the highest quality materials, allowing your pet to rest in comfort. 

26. Luxurious Chloe Dog Bed and Frame

When it comes to luxury dog beds, Katherine Elizabeth has some of the best products around. Their Chloe pet is no exception, with its unique oval shape, this bed would look simply fabulous in any home. Reasonably priced and padded with extra cushioning for your pet's comfort. It is form fitting cushion makes it comfy for your forever friend to snuggling right on in. You'll be glad to of chose this model over the other luxury dog beds that are available. 

25. Toughchew Dog Bed for Large Dogs

For those with large breed dogs within the weight range of sixty to one-hundred twenty pounds, Orvis has some amazing beds to choose from, such as their deep dish dog bed. Filled with extra padding, so that your canine pal can be comfy cozy. Once you catch a glimpse of your dog peacefully sleeping, you're guaranteed to have a big smile on your face. 

24. Luxury Leather Dog Bed by Bellalabel

You've got to check out the "Enchanted Home" pet sofa, which would look fabulous in your den, living room, or library. It's so popular that there are limited quantities of this one of a kind doggie sofa, which is constructed of top grade upholstery, making it heavy duty and will last for a long time. Suitable for most sized dogs, it has a weight capacity of seventy-five pounds. 

23. Extra Large Orvis Deep Dish Dog Beds

For those looking to pamper their canine pal, Orvis has the product for you. Check out their large breed, deep dish dog bed. Constructed from top quality materials, making it one of the greatest luxury dog beds in which for your pooch to rest upon. It's ideal for big canines up to 120 pounds, with a deep dish form fitting shape. They're guaranteed to sleep comfortably upon this one of a kind luxurious bed. 

22. Luxury Pet Sofa for Fancy Dogs - XL 

Pamper your forever friend with one of Enchanted Home's pet sofa with velvet cushion. With a weight capacity of up to fifty-five pounds, giving it the ability to comfortably suit most medium sized pets. The unique design looks quaint in any room of a home, giving it a touch of style. One great feature about this pet sofa is the hidden compartment, in which to store toys and other supplies. 

21. Bowsers Diamond Series Luxury Dog Beds - Linen

Talk about a deal, the Bowsers Dutchie dog bed is one of the most reasonably priced luxury dog beds that's available today. Padded with top quality materials, making it soft and comfy for your canine companion to rest on. Which is big enough to comfortably fit most x-large dog breeds. 

20. Luxury Sleeping Dog Beds - Assorted Sizes

The Snoozer's outlook system extra large pet bed is super plush and will give your forever friend a comfy place to sleep. It's one of Snoozer's many luxury dog beds, in which to choose from. What makes this different from the rest is its special odor resistant fabric, that is also machine washable. In the event of your pet having an accident, you don't have to worry about it staining or having a foul smell.

19. Luxury Log Bed for Dogs - Perfect for Cabins

The Fireside Lodge's cedar log bed with side rails is quite an amazing product to have for your pet. Which would go nicely in your bedroom, the intricately carved Northern white cedar gives it a rustic appearance. This bed is extra sturdy, with a weight capacity of two-hundred thirty pounds. Ideal for large sized pets, such as pot bellied pigs and most dog breeds. As a matter of fact, it is big enough for a small child to sleep on. 

18. Modern Pet Home for Dogs by Buddy's Bunk

The "Habitat Buddy's Bunk" is truly a luxurious bed for any canine companion to lay upon. Its wooden frame is made to withstand those accidents your pet may have, guaranteed not to crack or warp. The reasonable price set it apart from other luxury dog beds. Which includes free shipping and handling, making such a great deal. You'll find the deep espresso wooden frame blends nicely with its cream colored cushion. 

17. Designer Dog Beds by B & G Martin

B & G Martin has outdone themselves with the Sunbrella dog bed cushion. The pillow insert is constructed of faux down and extra soft foam, making it one of the most comfortable luxury dog beds for a canine companion. Which is suitable to use both indoors and outdoors, its yellow and white pattern looks great out on the patio. 

16. Ultra Comfortable Luxury Bed for Dogs by Bowsers

Check out the "Bowsers Lounger Dog Bed", its plush cushioning makes for a comfy cozy place for your pet to rest their heads. With a depth that'll provide them with a good night's sleep. You're sure to love the unique design and great price, which includes free shipping. This is one of the most popular luxury dog beds that are available, so don't hesitate to place your order. 

15. Huge Fenced In Metal Dog Bed Kennel

For those with large sized pets who like to spend most of their time outdoors, the Expanded Yard Kennel is a great item to have. It is a metal structure that'll protect your forever friend and keep them safe. Which has a canopy on top to keep them shaded from the sun. The Expanded Yard Kennel is easy to set and requires no tools. Making it a highly sought after item to have. 

14. Luxury Camo Dog Bed

Buddy Beds protective bed covers are a great thing to have, especially for older dogs and cats who've frequent little accidents. They're made of top quality materials in which to absorb both liquids and bad odors. Constructed of anti-microbial fibers, in order to make that possible. When you order this item, it also includes free shipping and handling. 

13. Designer Luxury Bed for Dogs by Sabanah 

The Sabanah has some amazing luxury dog beds, for instance, their flame red medium sized bed. Manufactured by some of the best French craftsmen, who dedicate themselves to making top quality pet products. Its unique design will give your home a touch of class. This is one of their many luxury dog beds in which they've available. However, what sets it apart from the rest is the extra thick mattress, that's super plush softness will have your pet sleeping like a baby.

12. Luxury Modern Small Dog Beds for Adorable Cutie Pies

Pamper your pint sized pooch with an acrylic round dog bed, its unique design will look simply stunning in your home. The micro-suede fibers make for a comfy place for your canine companion to lay upon. Giving them a peaceful sleep, guaranteed to help Fido rest in comfort. When it comes to luxury pet beds, this is the cream of the crop.

11. Designer Dog Beds by Sabanah 

For those searching through website pages of luxury dog beds, look no further. Check out the Sabanah sunshine yellow large dog bed, which has extra padding and support. Imagine your canine companion's reaction once they lay upon it, guaranteed their tail will be wagging in pure bliss. The manufacturer designed this particular just so it would look great in any home. 

10. Luxury Leather Beds for Dogs by Design Bellalabel

Talk about luxury dog beds, the "Katherine Elizabeth" suede pet bed with the frame is quite exquisite. Which has an oval shape, in order for your forever friend to snuggle right on in and get some rest. Not only is it veterinarian approved and recommended, it's also considered to be one of the best luxury dog beds in which you can have for your pet. 

9. Comfortable Dog Bed for Luxury-minded Pups

The Sabanah ocean blue small pet bed is truly a must see, with its unique design and top of the lining fabric. They'll look so adorable laying upon it, Sabanah luxury dog beds are simply the cream of the crop. With its reasonable price and amazing texture, no wonder this is such a popular item to have. You'll find it to be so inviting, that you are probably going to see what it's like to lay upon. 

8. High-End Side Table and Luxury Dog Bed by Doggiedasherie

Doggiedasherie is one of the leading manufacturers of luxury dog beds. Once you catch a glimpse of their mahogany end table pet bed, it'll be easy to see why. With a style that's sure to bedazzle you and your forever friend. Constructed of premium materials, in order for your pet to rest comfortably upon it. "Doggiedasherie" luxury dog beds are the cream of the crop and will last for years to come. 

7. Modern Dog Sofa Bed - Microsuede 

Take a look at the "Microvelvet Antique Bronze Pet Bed", it truly stands out from those other luxury dog beds. It'll add a touch of class and style to any room of your home. The extra plush cushioning provides canine companions with a comfortable place to rest their head. After gazing upon your forever friend lounging on it, you'll be glad to of chose this over the other luxury dog beds. 

6. Plush Dog Bed by Sabanah

Sabanah is the top manufacturers of luxury dog beds, putting dedication in providing customers with top quality pet products. Such as their ocean blue luxurious cat and dog bed, this product will have your forever friend sleeping in total blissfulness. With a mattress constructed of soft durable foam, it stands out from the other luxury dog beds which are available today. Assembled in one of the many French workshops, you know it can't be beaten. 

5. Microvelvet Pet Bed for Fancy Dogs

There's nothing more luxurious than the "Microvelvet Pet Bed", your furry friend will rest in comfort upon this beauty. It's amazing design makes it one of the most popular luxury dog beds that are to be found. Which is available in two different styles, brushed satin nickel or antique bronze metal finished. Either one of these luxury dog beds would look fabulous in any home, even yours. 

4. Fancy Dog Beds by Sabanah

When it comes to luxury dog beds, Sabanah is the top manufacturers to be found. For those looking to find a bed suitable for a large breed dog, they have a beautiful flame red one. Composed of optimum quality materials, in which to give your pet the best sleep they have ever experienced. Plus its exquisite design will look absolutely fabulous in your home. This is truly one of Sabanah's best selling luxury dog beds. 

3. Super Plush Dog Beds by Designers

Pet owners around the world turn to Sabanah for luxury dog beds and other products for their forever friends. Such as the "Autumn Orange Luxury Cat and Dog Bed", its rustic design is sure to look fabulous in any room of your house. Imagine your pet stretched out enjoying their new piece of furniture. It'll be one of the greatest luxury dog beds they've ever slept upon. 

2. Luxury Small Dog Beds

The Sabanah products flame red pet bed is an amazing thing to see, with its unique faux fur lining. This is one of the most popular luxury dog beds to have. It adds a touch of style to your home's interior decor and is simply wonderful for pets to sleep on. Its superb quality makes it stand apart from those other luxury dog beds. 

1. Modern Luxury Dog Beds

Sabanah products Large sized autumn pet bed, is one of their long line of luxury dog beds. With its rustic appearance and faux fur covering, this would be a great bed to go in any room of your house. Once you see its unique style and design, you'll understand why this is one of their most popular luxury dog beds to choose from. The soft, comfortable padding, will leave Fido totally ecstatic.

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